Gluconic Acid Market Players to Reset their Production Strategies Post 2021 in an Effort to Compensate for Heavy Loss Incurred Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Gluconic acid is non-toxic, non-corrosive and mild organic acid. It is derived from glucose by a method oxidation reaction. Moreover, gluconic acid is synthesized by different microorganisms which include bacteria. Naturally gluconic acid is abundantly available in food stuff such as dairy products, meat, wine, as well as in plants and fruits. Gluconic acid appearance is clear to brown and is soluble in water. Influence of gluconic acid production is based upon two key parameters which are ph of the culture medium and availability of oxygen. Owing to its principle salt which is sodium gluconate, gluconic acid, and its salt has wide application in pharmaceutical and food industry. Gluconic acid primarily occurs and imparts a refreshing sour taste in many food items such as honey, fruit juices, wine, etc. Gluconic acid is majorly used as a component of leavening agent in baked goods. Application of gluconic acid is used for reducing fat absorption in cones and doughnuts and is also used as a flavoring agent in sherbert. Gluconic acid with is derivatives finds its application in pharmaceutical industry based on their properties such as in the treatment of anemia and calcium therapy for animals. Moreover, it is also used in dairy industry for prevention of milk-stone in animals and cleaning of aluminum cans.

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Gluconic Acid Market: Dynamics

In the global market of fermentation organic acid estimated to be third largest market preceded by antibiotics and amino acid. The key driver to the growth of the gluconic acid market is its application in the food industry as a food and beverage additives (acidity stabilizer) and pharmaceutical industry and increase in demand for biodegradable acid. Moreover, its ability to bind it with sodium, iron, and calcium gives a boost to gluconic acid market owing to support the effect of antioxidant as well as thickening and gelling agent. Gluconic acid outperforms as an antimicrobial property due to its derivative sodium gluconate which is widely used in textile dyeing, a chelating agent for plating and cement, metal surface water treatment and printing which is a potential driver for the growth of the gluconic acid market. Another derivative of gluconic acid that outperforms in the pharmaceutical industry is calcium gluconate which is another potential factor for the growth of the gluconic acid market. This is due to its application for treating calcium deficiency such as hypocalcemia and hypocalcemic tetany in pregnant women.

Gluconic Acid Market: Segmentation

Based on application: Gluconic acid market is segmented into

  • Acidification in food and beverages
  • Processed fruits and vegetables
  • Baked goods
  • pH adjuster
  • Hygiene products

Based on component: Gluconic acid market is segmented into

  • Gluconic acid
  • Glucono delta-lactone
  • Sodium salt of gluconic acid
  • Calcium salt of gluconic acid
  • Iron slat of gluconic acid

Based on industry: Gluconic acid market is segmented into

  • Food and Beverage
  • Phamacetical

Gluconic Acid Market: Region Wise Outlook

The global gluconic acid market is divided into seven regions, namely North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Europe holds major share of global gluconic acid market, factors that holds dominant position of Europe is due to major player such as Roquette Frères and BASF SE in the global gluconic acid market. Moreover the derivative of gluconic acid is high in dietary supplements, thus the dietary supplement market is expected to boost the demand for gluconic market in the region. North America holds second major share in the global gluconic market. Established players such as Sigma-Aldrich and Bristol-Myers Squibb strengthen the growth of global gluconic acid market. Thus Europe and North America is estimated to witness healthy CAGR in the forecast period. APEJ is said to be most attractive region for gluconic acid market. Thus APEJ is estimated to witness high CAGR during the forecast period of gluconic acid market. This is due growing demand and rising application of gluconic acid in food and beverage that will boost the market and technological production that has created opportunities for global gluconic acid market

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Gluconic Acid Market: Prominent Players

  • Premier Malt Products, Inc.
  • Novozymes
  • Roquette Frères
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
  • Sigma-Aldrich
  • Reckitt Benckiser Group plc

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