Hermetic Packaging Market Estimated to Experience a Hike in Growth by 2020-2030

The hermetic packaging market is expected to rise at a considerable CAGR due to rising needs of consumer electronics. Due to the increment in need for convenient packaging solutions in electronics or military and defense sector, demand is gaining popularity in the market. Asia-Pacific market is likely to witness a surge in production and consumption with presentation of incremental opportunities through 2028.

“Availability of wide range of advanced chip and technologies and higher preference for sustainable packaging solutions across the world, has surged the demand for hermetic packaging. Different end-use industry relies on it to gather proper information about the products and use of it has also helped the manufacturers get an insight about the kind of production this market demands,” says the FMI Analyst.

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Hermetic Packaging Market – Key Highlights

  • Hermetic Packaging market is set to surpass million dollars in the upcoming years.
  • According to research analysts at FMI, consumer electronics market is expected to expand the need for hermetic packaging at a higher rate.
  • RFID enabled transponder is likely to accent revenue of the market due to protection barrier against acid and oil.
  • Asia Pacific region is likely to remain the most lucrative region in the upcoming years.
Hermetic Packaging Market

Hermetic Packaging Market – Driving Factors

  • Electronic sensors, laser diodes, airbag initiator propellants, and optoelectronic components require a great deal of hermetic packets.
  • Use of hermetic packaging is prevalent in military & defense sector. Its use extends in navigation tools, countermeasures and armed vehicles.
  • Transponder glass being acid, oil and chemical resistant is widely used in meat and livestock as the chip helps in availing information
  • Requirement of hermetic packaging in smartphones, air conditioners and other consumer electronic goods propels market growth.

Hermetic Packaging Market – Key Restraints

  • Investment might be expensive, hence, acting as a restraint.
  • As it requires advanced technology, manufacturing defects might reduce the quality.

Expected Impact on Market by Coronavirus Outbreak

This market might have experienced considerable pressure during the early lockdown period but has now gained proper traction due to reliance on consumer electronics like smartphones and laptops owing to work from home facility. In times like these, social distancing and proper hygiene is a must and people are following that. The packaging market has always been in demand and can revive back to a very good position, even better than before. Consumer demanded goods like electronics is driving the market positively and will not witness much of a loss in the coming years.

Forecast Period2015-2019
Historical Data Available for2020-2030
Market AnalysisUS$ Mn for Value and Units for Volume
Key Regions CoveredNorth America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania and Middle East & Africa (MEA)
Key Countries CoveredUnited States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, U.K., Spain, Russia, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, GCC, Japan, South Korea, India, China, and Australia & New Zealand
Key Segments CoveredHermetic Seal Type, Configuration, Application & End Use
Key Companies ProfiledAMETEK Inc.Amkor Technology Inc.Egide SAKyocera CorporationLegacy Technologies Inc.Materion CorporationMicross ComponentsSCHOTT AGTeledyne Microelectric TechnologiesTexas Instruments Inc.(Full list available upon request)
Report CoverageMarket Overview, Key Market Trends, Key Success Factors, Demand Analysis, Market Background, COVID-19’s Impact, Segmental Overview, Regional Profiling, Market Structure Analysis and Competition Analysis
Customization & PricingAvailable upon Request

Competition Landscape

Key manufacturers are incorporating innovative techniques like acid and oil protecting barriers to enhance market growth. Major players in the market include AMETEK Inc., Amkor Technology Inc., Egide SA, Kyocera Corporation, Legacy Technologies Inc., Materion Corporation, Micross Components, SCHOTT AG, Teledyne Microelectric Technologies and Texas Instruments Inc.

For an instance, key companies are focussing on adopting better technologies and expansion strategies. Manufacturers are also working on expanding product portfolio to achieve better market insights. They are launching unique products and creating new market technologies, mergers and acquisitions.

More on the report

FMI’s report provides proper segmentation and analysis of market trends and macro-economic factors on the basis of seal type (epoxy hermetic seals, O-rings, PTFE sleeves etc.), end-use (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, homecare etc.), applications (packaging, thermostats, switches, batteries etc.) and region-wise segmentation (North America, Asia-Pacific, Eastern and Western Europe).

Key questions answered in the report

  • How will hermetic packaging market grow during 2020-2030?
    According to FMI’s analysis, the global hermetic packaging market is slated to emerge as a multi-billion dollar industry, riding on the back of surging consumer electronics and defense & military equipment sales.
  • Which is the most frequently used material for hermetic packaging?
    Transponder glass packaging is expected to remain the most extensively used, particularly in the smart devices domain. Transponder glass is touted to be the most effective solution for RFID chips protection from adverse conditions. Ceramic-based hermetic packaging is emerging as a promising arena, especially for transported complex electronic circuits for several gadgets.

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