India Construction Chemical Market 2021 Outlook, Current and Future Industry Landscape Analysis 2030

The India construction chemical market is expected to grow at an imposing 17.2% CAGR between 2014 and 2020. According to FMI reports, the temporary suspension of construction activities in the public and private sector are having a negative impact on the Indian construction chemicals market. Disruptions of supply chains and restrictions on trade are also hurting market prospects in the near term.

“Investments in commercial and residential infrastructure in addition to project collaborations with government bodies will aid the India construction chemicals market. Further the repair and maintenance activity for old infrastructure, will be key to the revenue of the Indian construction chemicals industry, once restrictions are lifted,” says the FMI analyst.

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India Construction Chemical Market – Important Takeaways

  • Concrete admixture is highly sought after, supported by favorable government policies towards affordable residential projects.
  • Repair and rehabilitation applications are gaining traction owing to a large number of aged buildings and infrastructure.
  • Use of construction chemicals for commercial buildings is key to market revenue, supported by tech industry expansion in the country.
  • Northern region is witnessing rapid growth owing to investments from manufacturing and service companies.

India Construction Chemical Market – Driving Factors

  • Easy availability of essential raw materials at low cost is anticipated to increase demand for construction chemicals.
  • Industrialization and urbanization, including smart city projects are creating lucrative opportunities.
  • High use of concrete and admixtures for infrastructure projects are crucial to market revenue growth.

India Construction Chemical Market – Leading Constraints

  • Strict regulations associated with construction chemical product standards hampers market growth.
  • Cyclical nature of the Indian construction industry limits opportunities for market players.

Expected Impact on Market by Coronavirus Outbreak

The Indian construction industry is gradually on its way to restarting operations, albeit with strict regulations on working conditions, as health risks from the coronavirus are still running high. However, supply chain disruptions and worker shortages in the industry will cause substantial delays in work hurting the demand for construction chemicals in the near future.

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Key Segments

By Product Type:

  • Concrete Admixtures
    • Plasticizers (lingo, SNF, PCE)
    • Accelerators
    • Retarders
    • Air Enterainers
  • Waterproofing Chemicals
    • Bitumen
    • PVC
    • EPDM
    • TPO
    • PTFE
    • Silicone
    • Acrylic Polymers
    • SBR – Styrene-butadiene
    • Cementitious Membrane
    • PU Membrane – Liquid-applied Membrane
    • Crystalline
    • Additives in Waterproofing
  • Protective Coatings
    • Epoxy
    • Polyurethane
    • Acrylic
    • Alkyd
    • Polyester
    • Others
  • Adhesives & Sealants
    • Adhesives
      • Tile Adhesives
        • Cementitious
        • Epoxy
      • Tile Grouts
        • Cementitious
        • Epoxy
      • Masonry Mortar
    • Sealants
      • Silicone
      • MS Hybrid
      • PU
      • Weatherproof Silicone
      • Polysulfide
  • Concrete Repair Mortar
    • Cement-based
    • Epoxy-based
    • Micro Concrete
  •  Plaster
    • Cement-based
    • Gypsum-based
  • Asphalt Additives

 By Application:

  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Residential

By Region:

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West

More on the Report

FMI’s provides in-depth insights on the India construction chemical market. The market is segmented in terms of product type (adhesives and sealants, admixtures, flooring chemicals, waterproofing, repair & rehabilitation, and others), and application (infrastructure and residential & commercial) across four key regions (North, East, South and West).

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