Inflatable Tents Market Size by 2028: Global Demand and Regional Analysis

Preliminarily driven by military and commercial applications, inflatable tents are witnessing healthy sales in recent years. At an estimated 7.5% year on year revenue growth in 2019, the market for inflatable tents is likely to exceed US$ 750 Mn.

According to a newly released intelligence study by Future Market Insights, a majority of the growth of inflatable tents landscape will remain concentrated in developed markets – especially in the US and Western Europe. However, inflatable tents landscape is on the verge of discovering a promising growth scenario within Asia Pacific in the coming years, as indicated by the report.

North America & Europe Make up for most of the Revenue in Inflatable Tents Landscape

The US alone is the massive revenue generator in the global inflatable tents landscape, as over a million US-based families have been camping each year in the recent past. On the other side, Europe inhabits a vast millennial population that frequently plans adventure tours and camping activities, directly encouraging sales of gear such as inflatable tents.

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North America currently holds just-under 1/3rd share of the global revenue, which is clearly attributed to the widening application base in military and adventure tourism. Whereas, growing demand for inflatable tents for personal applications is shaping the European market.

The visibly growing adventure tourism trend in APAC is also identified to point to promising business opportunities for manufacturers and distributors of inflatable tents in the region. FMI study projects significant yearly growth for the APAC inflatable tents market in the next couple of years – underlining relatively higher growth in India, Australia, and China.

Military Application Base of Inflatable Tents Continues to Expand

While the global military expenditure is observing a constant rise over the recent past, developing economies in Asia Pacific, MEA, and Oceania mark their presence as the key contributors towards this expanding military spending. Moreover, the military budget nub is gradually shifting away from the Euro-Atlantic region. In addition to this, growing overseas troop deployment is playing a crucial role in raising considerable demand for inflatable tents from the military sector of in developing economies.

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Will Poly Cotton be the Next Choice of Primary Raw Material for Inflatable Tent Manufacturers?

Although PVC and poly cotton currently hold a similar value share in the inflatable tents landscape, nylon accounts for a relatively lower share. Poly cotton is however likely to encounter healthy incremental opportunity, outpacing PVC in the coming years. By 2020 end, FMI report forecasts the peak of year on year revenue growth for the poly cotton based inflatable tents. High strength, superior heat resistance, durability, and affordability collectively account for a growing revenue share of poly cotton in inflatable tents market. Environmental regulatory standards regarding the usage of PVC as a raw material in manufacturing is representing a vital factor influencing the sales performance of PVC in inflatable tents landscape.

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