Pallet Pooling Market Growth Factors, Product Overview, Industry Trends 2029

Pallet pooling ensures the availability of pallets at the operational location, which results in a lean supply chain. Lean supply chain management leads to effective operational lead time. Owing to the rising inclination of most end users towards cost reduction, along with optimum lead time, the pallet pooling market is estimated to gain noteworthy traction in the coming decade.

According to a new research report published by Future Market Insights (FMI), the pallet pooling market is estimated to exhibit 6% CAGR over the forecast period, to reach a valuation of more than US$ 11 Bn by the end of 2029.

Key Takeaways of Pallet Pooling Market Study

  1. Pallet pooling has prominent application in the FMCG sector, as warehouses play a crucial role in this industry.
  2. In terms of material, plastic pallet pooling is estimated to witness notable demand, owing to high reliability, durability, and cost-effectiveness of plastic pallets as compared to other types.
  3. Globally, the pallet pooling market in GCC countries is estimated to witness lucrative growth, owing to the positive outlook for industrial trade activities in the region, particularly for the e-Commerce industry. The U.S. is expected to hold a leading share in the global market, registering a significant CAGR throughout the forecast period.
  4. In recent years, pallets tagged with RFID have become more popular amongst end consumers, owing to their ability to provide location as well as detailed information related to stacked products on pallets.
  5. Pallet pooling is a one-time investment business, in which, the owner has to purchase pallets and then pooling can be done without any large investment. As a result, the market offers high profit margins to its participants.
  6. For the effective operational efficiency of pallets, pallet service providers perform quality checks after the end of every service cycle to provide high-quality pallets and efficient service cycles to end consumers. Continuous and high standard quality checks of pallets are estimated to help players in the global pallet pooling market gain a competitive advantage.

 “In the pallet pooling market, flexible payment profiles allow end consumers to pay rent monthly or quarterly at fixed rental rates throughout the term of the agreement, and customizations can be made in rental agreement terms to suit the period of budget allocation and income patterns.”

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Pallet Pooling Market: Competitive Landscape

The pallet pooling market is highly consolidated, owing to the presence of a limited number of pallet pooling service providers across the globe. Brambles Limited, Euro Pool Group, Faber Halbertsma, and Loscam are considered to be leading players in the pallet pooling market. Most market players are focusing on expanding their sales footprint in developing markets such as South Asia and the Middle East through the establishment of additional regional offices and sales partners.

Pallet Pooling Market

Focus on Technological Advancements in Pallet Pooling

Increasing requirement of technologically-advanced pallet systems throughout the supply chain for lean management is anticipated to support the future growth of the global pallet pooling market.

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The research report analyzes the total sales value of the pallet pooling market on the basis of revenue generated by market players from the target product. The market is forecasted on the basis of factors such as warehouse traffic flow, adoption rate, government regulations, and sustainable development. The scope of the research report includes pallet management services catering to FMCG, food & beverages, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, and other related end-use industries.

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Table of Content

  1. Executive Summary

    1.1. Global Market Outlook

    1.2. Demand Side Trends

    1.3. Supply Side Trends

    1.4. Analysis and Recommendations

  1. Market Overview

    2.1. Market Coverage / Taxonomy

    2.2. Market Definition / Scope / Limitations

  1. Key Success Factors
  2. Global Pallet Pooling Market Demand Analysis 2014–2018 and Forecast, 2019–2029

    4.1. Historical Market Value Analysis, 2014–2018

    4.2. Current and Future Market Value Projections, 2019–2029

    4.3. Y-o-Y Growth Trend Analysis

  1. Market Background

    5.1. Macro-Economic Factors

    5.2. Forecast Factors – Relevance & Impact

    5.3. Value Chain

    5.4. Market Dynamics

  1. Global Pallet Pooling Market Analysis 2014–2018 and Forecast 2019–2029, by Structural Design 

    6.1. Introduction / Key Findings

    6.2. Historical Market Size (US$ Mn) Analysis By Structural Design, 2014–2018

    6.3. Current and Future Market Size (US$ Mn) Analysis and Forecast By Structural Design, 2019–2029

        6.3.1. Block

        6.3.2. Stringer

        6.3.3. Customized

    6.4. Market Attractiveness Analysis By Structural Design 

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