Pectin Market 2021 | Scope of Current and Future Industry 2029

An updated market study published by FMI “Pectin Market: Global Industry Analysis 2014-2018 & Forecast 2019-2029” offers a comprehensive assessment of the most important market dynamics. After conducting thorough research on the historical as well as current growth parameters of the pectin market, growth prospects of the market are obtained with maximum precision.

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Pectin Market Structure Analysis

  • The global pectin market is a reasonably competitive market. Approximately 15% – 20% share of the market is held by tier-1 players.
  • Manufacturers are focusing on certain strategies such as acquisitions of small companies that are present in the pectin market since a long time. These acquisitions can increase their regional as well as local markets, and win the trust of consumers. They are also increasing their market presence by launching different products with the usage of pectin. In short, they are trying to attract consumers by providing them blend, innovation, and richness of natural product all under the same product.
  • Noteworthy investments in the research and development for novel and sturdy products is projected to boost the growth of the pectin market.
    • Major players in the pectin market are DuPont, Cargill, Incorporated, Naturex, CP Kelco, Herbstreith & Fox, CEAMSA, Silvateam S.p.A., Lucid Colloids Ltd., Yantai Andre Pectin Co. Ltd., and others.

Key Factors Shaping the Pectin Market

  • Medicinal Properties Make Pectin a Trusted Natural Product
    Pectin is a fiber found in fruits and is most commonly used to make medicines, as it has various medicinal properties and tendency to reduce cholesterol levels. It is useful in preventing poisoning caused by lead, strontium, and other heavy metals. It is used to treat colon and prostate cancer by activating cell death pathways in cancer cells.Its usage in the medical field is very immense, and as people are shifting and trusting natural and plant-based products in treating number of diseases, pectin would mark one among the top lists in serving consumers, due to its unique property.
  • Pectin Gaining Attention as a Vegan Alternative to Synthetic Products
    Pectin is a vegan product derived from the cell wall of almost all plants. It is fat- and cholesterol-free, and contains 36% of fiber, due to which, it is used as a major ingredient in the dietary supplements industry. The increasing inclination towards plant-based products is likely to influence the pectin market growth in the foreseeable future.
  • Increasing Promotions and Product Launches
    Benefits of pectin are still unknown to common consumers, and they are still using gelatin, which is an animal-derived gelling agent over pectin. Therefore, manufacturers of the plant-derived and vegan pectin products are spending large amount of their profits on promotional activities, and are planning a number of exciting strategies to provide the information of pectin’s usefulness to consumers.For example, certain dairy product manufacturers such as Stonyfield Farm, Inc. and Sunnyside Dairy Farms Ltd., are focusing on using pectin and modified starch as gelling, emulsifying, and stabilizing agents in juice drinks, yogurts, and dairy products.
    • In November 2016, Stonyfield Farm, Inc. introduced three new organic yogurt products in order to expand its organic milk product portfolios.

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Pectin as a Solution to Various Complex Health Problems

Pectin is a solution to various health issues that were previously unable to cure. For example, niacin is an organic chemical taken by various consumers to supplement their diet with vitamin B3 and various important nutrients. But, it is also known to cause skin flushing in the face and upper body parts, which previously was treated as an allergy. However, after deep research, it turns out that pectin helps in curing skin flushing caused by niacin, and skin flushing is not an allergy but a side effect of consuming more niacin. Similarly, pectin is known to treat ulcerated mouth and throat by simply applying it in the affected areas. Moreover, the replacement of chemicals with plant-based products in pharmaceuticals will continue to favor the growth of the pectin market.

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