Retail Clinics Market Driving Demand & Global Insights 2028

According to the latest research by Future Market Insights (FMI), the global retail clinics market value will exceed US$ 8 billion towards the end of 2028, reflecting a robust CAGR of more than 10% during 2018-2028. The revenue generated from the collective demand for retail clinics for point-of-care diagnostics and vaccination accounts for a whopping market value share of nearly 75%, according to FMI’s analysis.

Increasing acceptance of the retail clinics concept, rising awareness about cost related advantages, and improving government support for walk-in clinics will collectively supplement the growth of retail clinics market over the course of coming years. The report opines that the role of governments will be vital in popularization of retail clinics, particularly in developing regional markets.

Convenience & Cost Benefit Collectively Pushing Prospects of Retail Clinics

Retail clinics follow a holistic care approach. In addition, their partnership with various Telehealth vendors such as Teladoc and Doctor on Demand enable healthcare delivery and services at any given place and time. For Instance, an E-commerce channel is being implemented by the US-based CVS Health, one of the leaders in the MinuteClinic chain of retail clinics.

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The report has cited top three factors capturing attention of increasing consumers –

  • Quality care
  • Ease of access
  • Cost efficiency and transparency

The growing demand for healthcare at relatively lesser service costs will continue to favour the growth of retail clinics market during the forecast period. A lot of major healthcare payers are considering and including retail clinics in their healthcare provider networks, motivating enrolees to opt for these clinics for convenience and quality of care.

Challenges to Retail Clinics Penetration Still Prevail, in Developing Regions

Developed regions, the key areas for retail clinics market, account for over 80% of the global revenue. The report envisages significant growth potential in emerging East Asian economies for the retail clinics market, over the projection period.

Retail clinics have been attracting a wide consumer base across the US and the number is actively growing in other key markets such as Europe and China. However, the outreach of retail clinics continues to face challenges due to poor monitoring of penetration into several developing as well as underdeveloped regions. While retail clinics have gained attention since the past few years and are expanding their offerings prudently at a rapid pace, the report highlights that this prompts at an increased need for regulation checks over the coming years.

Retail Clinics Market

Retail clinics are positioning themselves to play a crucial role in the delivery of primary care services, worldwide. This trend in the retail clinics market is expected to increase predominantly in developing regions. The potential opportunities will also create long-term challenges facing retailers, clinical laboratories, healthcare policy makers, and pathologists, as suggested by the report.

Key Players Keen on Investing Efforts in Customer Adherence

Patients face difficulties with respect to filing specialty prescriptions, which further affects their will for adherence. CVS Health also piloted a Specialty Connect Program to overcome hindrances in adherence. This program is claimed to enable patients to drop their prescriptions at any given CVS Health store and pick up their medicines once ready. The program has also initiated the delivery of these medicines at their houses or any clinician’s office.

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Table of Content

  1. Executive Summary

     1.1. Market Overview

     1.2. Market Analysis

     1.3. Market Trends

     1.4. FMI Analysis and Recommendations

  1. Market Introduction

     2.1. Market Introduction

     2.2. Market Definition

     2.3. Market Taxonomy

  1. Key Market Trends

     3.1. Supply Side Market Trends

     3.2. Demand Side Market Trends

  1. Retail Clinics Market Analysis 

     4.1. Opportunity Analysis

     4.2. Macro-Economic Factors

  1. Key Inclusions

     5.1. Retail Clinics Market – Pricing Analysis, By Service Type

     5.2. Reimbursement Scenario, , Procedure Codes

     5.3. Reimbursement Scenario, U.S. Patient Claim Lines

     5.4. Target Population for Retail Clinics

     5.5. Consumer Sentiment Analysis

     5.6. Available Models for Retail Clinics

     5.7. Walgreens Co., Costs Per Patient Visit Comparison

  1. Market Background

     6.1. Market Dynamics

            6.1.1. Drivers

            6.1.2. Restraints

  1. Global Retail Clinics Market Analysis 2013–2017 and Forecast 2018–2028, By Region

     7.1. Introduction/Key Findings

     7.2. Historical Market Value (US$ Mn) Analysis By Region, 2013–2017

     7.3. Market Value (US$ Mn) Forecast By Region, 2018–2028

            7.3.1. North America

            7.3.2. Latin America

            7.3.3. Europe

            7.3.4. South Asia

            7.3.5. East Asia

            7.3.6. Oceania

            7.3.7. Middle East & Africa

     7.4. Market Attractiveness Analysis By Region

  1. Global Retail Clinics Analysis 2013–2017 and Forecast 2018–2028, By Application 

     8.1. Introduction/Key Findings

     8.2. Historical Market Value (US$ Mn) Analysis By Application, 2013–2017

            8.2.1. Point-of-Care Diagnostics

            8.2.2. Clinical Chemistry & Immunoassay

            8.2.3. Vaccination

            8.2.4. Others

     8.3. Market Value (US$ Mn) Forecast By Application, 2018–2028

     8.4. Market Attractiveness Analysis By Application

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