SQL Server Transformation Market 2021 Industry Research, Segmentation, Key Players Analysis and Forecast to 2029

The SQL server transformation market will create an incremental dollar opportunity to the tune of US$ 30 Bn by 2029. Rampant digitization of business processes to leverage benefits of industrial automation will continue to bolster growth for SQL server transformation market. Penetration of internet connectivity in developing countries presents gainful revenue prospects. The voluminous data generated by digital products and services warrant effective and efficient data management solutions and services. Hence, SQL server transformation to record, store, and recall data according to specific business needs will continue to increase.

“Capacity expansion by mergers, acquisition, and strategic partnerships with local players in Asia Pacific is a prominent competitive strategy.” says the FMI analyst.

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SQL Server Transformation Market – Key Takeaways

  • IT applications of SQL server transformation emerge as the most financially rewarding industry vertical. The segment records the highest growth rate.
  • Enterprise data warehousing is the most lucrative end-use segment with a majority market value share.
  • Asia Pacific ex. Japan (APEJ) leads global sales among all regional markets.
  • Europe presents the most remunerative growth prospects with the highest growth rate through 2029.

SQL Server Transformation Market – Key Growth Drivers

  • Tech-driven advancements such as NewSQL, a more efficient version of conventional SQL drive adoption of SQL server transformation services.
  • Digitization of traditionally offline processes such as banking in developing countries strengthens growth during the forecast period.
  • Penetration of eCommerce further creates demand for customer data management, logistics and operations data management. This in turn generates demand for SQL server transformation of eCommerce databases.
  • Government investment in developing IT infrastructure for public sector services will significantly contribute to profitable revenues during the projection period.

SQL Server Transformation Market – Key Constraint to Growth

  • Limited awareness about server transformation and its benefits in developing countries present hurdles for smooth adoption of SQL server transformation services.

How Will COVID-19 Impact the Market?

As economies across the world apply stringent regulations on import and export of products. The SQL server transformation market will witness a ripple effect of the global economic slowdown. Projects and initiatives in the planning stage have been put on-hold until the situation is clear to businesses across industry verticals. However, once the coronavirus outbreak is in control, it is expected that the demand for SQL server transformation will increase considerably.

SMEs have realized the benefits of effective and efficient data management services. The shift to work from home (WFH) culture will create experiential demand for SQL server transformation of existing databases. As companies have to share sensitive documents to work efficiently, the adoption of SQL server transformation will increase considerably after the COVID-19 outbreak is contained.

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