The Global Advanced Empty Capsule Market is set to grow at an 8% CAGR by 2031

Advanced capsules are cost-friendly, they ensure high patient compliance, minimizing first-pass metabolism, and offer increased bioavailability. These factors are increasing their applications in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical industries.

According to Future Market Insights (FMI), the demand for the advanced empty capsule is expected to rise considerably, enabling the market to surpass US$ 1.5 Bn by 2021.

The availability of knowledge-based resources and enhanced research collaborations has improved product development. This has aided development in treatment of chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases.

The global market is rapidly growing, due to which many small and regional players that are focusing on entering the market with innovative products. Various manufacturers are focusing on the launch of innovative and smart capsule products to enhance revenue generation.

For instance, On March 5, 2021, CapsCanada, a Lyfe Group™, announced the launch of a new liquid-filled hard capsule manufacturing service.

Similarly, Roxlor developed proprietary capsule technologies to produce hard capsules with marine gelatin and from Pullulan, a natural polysaccharide.

There is an increasing vegetarian influence on the product portfolio, which is being seen as an alternative to gelatin capsules, providing customized capsules to CROs to conduct pre-clinical and clinical trials, which can save cost incurred on research and development activities.

The worldwide per capita healthcare spending has doubled due to increasing awareness in terms of treatment options. Rapid economic and population growth in addition to increasing disposable incomes are prime factors responsible for the growth of the healthcare industry.

Rising healthcare spending is expected to positively influence the market. This is indicative of the fact that consumers are more willing to pay for advanced and more convenient treatment methods.

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Key Takeaways from Advanced Empty Capsule Services Market Study

  • Oral capsules account for 89.8% of the market in 2021 owing to ease of administration and dosage compliance.
  • Demand for vegetarian-based advanced empty capsules will rise at over 9% CAGR, driven by growth in the number of vegan and vegetarian consumers.
  • Size “0” capsules will account for more than 20% of the market. Their sales will be driven by ease of consumption, and optimal dosage potency.
  • Germany holds the lead in Europe with a valuation of US$ 169 Mn 2021 owing to the presence of key production facilities.
  • India holds dominance in South Asia and will account for over 60% of the regional sales by 2031.

 “Higher adoption of oral capsules, favorable government initiatives, and frequent technological advancements will offer lucrative growth opportunities for empty capsule manufacturers in the long term,” says a Future Market Insights analyst

Advanced Empty Capsule Market

Who is Winning?

Leading manufacturers in the market are strengthening their market position through collaborations. Governments in developed and developing countries are actively taking initiatives to encourage various research activities that will aid developments in this market. Leading organizations within the market are set to focus on research and development to offer an early and precise diagnosis of the ailment, besides offering effective patient care.

For instance, On Feb 19, 2019, ACG Worldwide was the first company in Asia to launch the Polytype coating line. Also, with the addition of the coating line to the Brazil facility, the company aimed to improve service to South American customers. Both developments strengthened global positioning by adding a coating line to the existing manufacturing facilities.

In October 2020, Lonza expanded its capsule manufacturing capacity. The new expansion involved eight global Lonza sites. The investment aimed to address the increasing global demand for capsules. This investment is estimated to expand the capsule manufacturing capacity by 30 billion capsules annually.

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Future Market Insights brings the comprehensive research report on forecast revenue growth at global, regional, and country levels and provides an analysis of the latest industry trends in each of the sub-segments from 2016 to 2031. The global advanced empty capsule market is segmented in detail to cover every aspect of the market and present a complete market intelligence approach to the reader. The study provides compelling insights into the advanced empty capsule market and segments it on basis of the main indication in detail. It covers every aspect of the market such as product type, molecule type, application, and service provider across seven key regions.

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Key Highlights from Report

  • Which Is the Highest-Grossing Market for Advanced Empty Capsules?  

Germany will emerge as a highly lucrative market for advanced empty capsules, reaching a valuation of US$ 169 Mn by 2021. Rising investment in pharmaceutical research is creating growth opportunities for the years ahead.

  • Which is the Top-selling Product in Advanced Empty Capsule Market?

Oral capsules will remain top-selling products in the market, accounting for over 87% of the total sales based on product by 2031. This is due to the rising use of the oral drug delivery systems, for ease of consumption.

  • Which are Some of the Leading Companies Offering Advanced Empty Capsule Products?

Some of the leading companies in this landscape are Capsugel (Lonza), QUALICAPS, ACG Worldwide, CapsCanada Corporation and others. As per Future Market Insights, over 40% of the market share is currently covered by top tier players.

  • Who is the Leading End User of Advanced Empty Capsule? 

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are expected to dominate the market over the forecast period. The segment is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 1,542.3 Mn by 2031. Empty capsules are primarily used in extended and sustained release formulation that is manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

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