Global bromine derivatives market size is projected to reach $1,354.5 million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2021 to 2030.

A new market research study by Future Market Insights on the global bromine derivatives market contains global industry analysis 2014–2018 and opportunity assessment 2019–2029. The report investigates the bromine derivatives market and provides critical insights for the forecast period of 2019-2029. As per the findings of the report, the global industrial bromine derivatives market is anticipated to experience substantial growth over the forecast period due increasing adoption of bromine compounds in various applications, such as flame retardants, PTA synthesis, oil & gas drilling, and others.

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The global industrial bromine derivatives market was valued at ~US$ 4Bn in 2018 and is projected to increase at a CAGR of ~ 4% during the projected period of 2019 and 2029. This growth is significantly driven by the expansion of chemical, oil & gas, and other end-use industries of bromine based chemicals.

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Significant progress in numerous industry verticals, especially construction and chemicals in developing countries have resulted into increased demand for bromine derivatives. In an attempt to align with the evolving environmental policies, manufacturers are tapping into R&D and innovation space, according to the FMI study.

Significant Growth Opportunities in Asia Pacific for the Bromine Derivatives Market

Growing stringency of government regulations on the usage of halogenated flame retardants in the U.S., Canada, and EU countries, is a factor expected to decrease the consumption of bromine in these geographies.

However, in developing nations, such as China and India, government policies are not that strict on the use of brominated flame retardants as compared to that in the U.S. and EU member countries.

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Bromine Derivatives Market Key Segment

By Derivative

  • Sodium Bromide
  • Calcium Bromide
  • Zinc Bromide
  • Others

By Application

  • Flame Retardants
  • Organic Intermediate
  • Oil & Gas Drilling
  • Biocides
  • PTA Synthesis
  • Others

By End Use

  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Others

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Oceania

Alternative Usage of Bromine Compounds in Various Industrial Applications

The global bromine derivatives market has been segmented based on derivative, application, end-use, and regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Middle East & Africa, and Oceania.

  • Consumption of bromine and its derivatives in Asia and BRIC nations is expected to grow steadily due to the underlying growth in end-use industries, such as dye manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and specialty chemicals, and the shift in the production of consumer electronics from the U.S. and Europe to Asia. Factors mentioned above are expected to position Asia (South & East) as a major lucrative market for players in the bromine derivatives market.
  • Bromine derivatives are used in almost all end-use industries, such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, and othersBromine compounds, such as methyl bromide, are mostly used as pesticides in the agriculture sector, owing to its highly active nature even at low temperatures. Over the past few years, bromine is used as a biocide and disinfectant in drinking and wastewater treatment, and swimming pools, respectively.
  • With developing oil drilling technologies, the use of bromine-based drilling solutions, also called brine fluids, are gradually spreading across the U.S., U.K., South East Asia, Africa, Middle East, and others. This is estimated to pave way for the growth of the global bromine derivatives market.

Global Bromine Derivatives Market: Vendor Insights

The report signifies some of the prominent market players, who have established themselves as leaders in the global bromine derivatives market. Few examples of key players in the market are Israel Chemicals Limited, Tosoh Corporation, Lanxess AG, Tata Chemicals Limited, Albemarle Corporation, Tetra Technologies Inc., Mil-Spec Industries Corporation, Jordan Bromine Company, Hindustan Salts Limited, Neogen Chemicals Limited, DSL Chemicals (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., and Solaris ChemTech Industries Limited, among others. The global bromine derivatives market is considerably dominated by some key players holding major shares of the market. Tier-1 players are collaborating with regional/local companies to increase their bromine-based product portfolio, thus, gaining a competitive edge over their peers.

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