World Clamshell Packaging Market Size by 2027: Global Demand and Regional Analysis

Used for securing products between two hinged sheets of thermoformed plastic, clamshell packaging fully encases a products, following the contours of the item. Clamshells are being increasingly used in industries looking for more versatile packaging. According to an expert market analysis by Future Market Insights (FMI), industries including electrical and electronics, cosmetics and personal care, gifts and toys, and mostly importantly food and medical devices sector have witnessed increased adoption of clamshell packaging. Clamshell packaging not only secures and protects the products, but also provides excellent visibility and can sit upright within a display or club store pallet.

Overview of the Global Clamshell Packaging Market

Considered to be ideal for merchandising items that can be seen by the customers, the global clamshell packaging market is projected to reach a market valuation of US$ 12.6 Bn by the end of 2028, registering a modest CAGR of 4.3% over the forecast period 2018-2028. FMI also predicts that most of the clamshell packaging is likely to be used the most in the food segment. Moreover, many consumer goods manufacturers are also projected to adopt clamshell packaging for their products in the next 10 years, due to its versatile nature. Clamshell are even reused if unsealed and help reducing the environmental footprint make them suitable for packaging of various products.

Also, when sealed on all edges clamshell packages are especially tamper and theft resistant. Clamshell packaging in the form of trays are likely to dominate the global clamshell packaging market. Boxes and containers are projected to create investment opportunity in the next 10 years. Tri-fold or footed clamshell packaging are more likely to be used by merchandizers, as these packages can hang from a hook or stand alone on a shelf.

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APEJ is estimated to account for the highest market share and further expand, creating an incremental revenue opportunity through 2028. Growing ecommerce sector in the region is likely to fuel clamshell packaging adoption in Asia Pacific.

Transparent packaging has caught attention in recent years. Transparent clamshell design has become a new standard for manufacturers as it enhances the consumer interaction with the product. Food in transparent clamshell packaging is likely to attract more consumers, leading to more buys and consumption. Additionally, clamshell packaging has undergone advancements in recent times. To fully secure consumer goods, manufacturers are using high quality plastics and raw material while manufacturing clamshell. With the help of high quality raw material, clamshell packaging can safeguard products from contamination, especially medical devices and medicines.

Future of the Global Clamshell Packaging Market

Though expanding at a moderate CAGR, clamshell packaging could face tough competition from other modern-day and intelligent packaging methods-providing better product tracking, security, and integrity. FMI predicts, in the coming years, many clamshell manufacturers would use of paper or paperboard over plastic due to stringent regulations regarding use of plastic. Moreover, the new H-Loc trapped blister is considered to be a sustainable alternative to clamshell packaging. Products in H-Loc are contained inside a small ‘bubble’ made of recycled PET material, which further surrounds and traps the bubble with two pieces of recycled corrugated cardboard. H-Loc prevents product tampering and store theft while making the after-purchase opening process easier with reduced wrap rage-which is often the case with clamshell packaging. Customizations on clamshell packaging significantly increases the overall packaging cost.

However, to sustain the market dominance, manufacturer are using PET recycles instead of PET, PVC, PP and other plastic material, to reduce the cost and packaging waste.

Preview Analysis Clamshell Packaging Market Segmented By Packaging Type – Trays, Bowls, Boxes & Containers; Material Type – Plastic, PET, PVC, PP, PS, Paper/Paperboard; Product Type – Mock Clamshells, 2-Piece Clamshells, Tri-Fold Clamshells:

Competition Analysis of the Global Clamshell Packaging Market 

Top five players in the global clamshell packaging market including Amcor Limited, Smurfit Kappa Group Plc., Universal Plastics Corporation, Westrock Company, Sonoco Product Company have strong global presence with diverse product portfolio. Top players-mostly concentrated in North and Latin AmericaAsia Pacific, and Europe are likely to focus on merger and acquisition along with new product development (NPD) to expand their products and offerings footprint.

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