Constant efforts by manufacturing industries towards reducing time and manpower required for operations, is the key driver behind the rapid growth of the global power tools market, owing to the streamlining of repetitive activities in the sector, and the reduction of errors, by human hands through power tools. The production of affordable and energy-efficient tools are important factors that drive the rise of the global power tools market in the foreseeable future.

What innovations are manufacturers making to enhance the efficiency of power tools?

Power tools manufacturers are witnessing rapid growth, which is largely reliant on the inclusion of technologies that feature smart reactive operations and automation, through pneumatic or power actuated systems. Moreover, power tool producers are increasingly shifting to cordless variants of products such as saws, crimpers, and wrenches among others. This can be attributed to the preference for increased portability and improved battery technologies for longer operational time on a single charge.

Will the surging Asia Pacific construction industry influence power tool sales?

Numerous opportunities for power tools manufacturers are anticipated to emerge mainly owing to the rapid infrastructural development of cities across major emerging economies of Asia such as China and India. Moreover, China is also the largest producer of branded power tools in the worldwide market, accounting for approximately 80% of the total supply, owing to the standard low price points, which is aiding the local construction industry as well.

What are the key safety standards relevant to the production and operation of ride-on power trowels?

ISO 11148-2:2011, IEC Standards, and OSHA Certifications are a few of the many internationally respected certifications that power tools manufacturers are aiming to target in terms of compliance to raise their use in different parts of the world. Certifications from such organizations keep evolving with the development of new technologies and the need of the end use industry, influencing design and material features, along with operational guidelines for new additions to product portfolios. 

Will Lithium ion batteries play a role in shaping the future of power tools?

With the growing application of cordless power tools, an extended battery life is a key quality that manufacturers are looking to incorporate in their products. As a result, lithium-ion batteries are increasingly replacing nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries. This can be attributed to the smaller and lightweight properties of lithium batteries, in addition to the elimination of self-discharge, enabling storage for long durations, without power drain. Lithium ion batteries also provide better energy density increasing the efficacy and demand for power tools.

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