Specialized, high-performance coatings that are primarily designed to resist stress from mechanical and thermal sources have increasingly been adopted across the transport sector in the past few years. These coatings for transport are increasingly becoming a standardized part of vehicle and auto part production processes.

For instance, long haul trailers and trucks commonly make use of coatings made from high velocity oxygen fuel. These coatings enable easier maintenance and greater scope of vehicle and component lifespan boosting overall popularity among automobile owners for the foreseeable future.

Transportation coatings play important roles in safeguarding various types of automobiles and modes of transport from environmental corrosive agents. With the recent increase in stringent regulations, manufacturers in the transportation coating market are working towards sustainability objectives to maintain demand for the years ahead.

Aside from these, other key factors that are boosting the scope of the transportation coating market are:

  1. The market for transportation coating is very competitive in nature. Manufacturing processes are projected to undergo significant change in the coming years owing to the introduction of new polymers and advanced techniques of production. This trend is further supported by increased focus my market players on developing new strategies to easily procure relevant raw materials of high quality.
  2. Of the various transportation coating variants, plastic based coatings will grow at a relatively faster rate during the forecast period. On the other hand, metal coatings are projected to dominate the market in terms of total revenue. Manufacturers in the field are also projected to aim their energies towards increasing the scope of application for the different types of coatings along with testing new fastening techniques aimed towards enhanced performance.
  3. Transportation coatings based on polymer or epoxy compounds are being increasingly used in the manufacturing processes of various auto components such as the chassis. Consequently, original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry will display increased demand for coating materials, creating sustainable demand for market players for the near future. This adoption of transportation coatings is projected to remain strong especially for heavy duty trucks.

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