The Catalase market is witnessing substantial growth due to its pivotal role in various industries. As an essential enzyme, Catalase plays a crucial role in catalyzing the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, thereby preventing cellular damage from oxidative stress. Its applications span across healthcare, food preservation, cosmetics, and biofuels. The rising demand for natural and sustainable products has fueled interest in Catalase as a potential ingredient in skincare and haircare products.

The global catalase industry is worth US$ 387.4 Mn as of now and expected to reach US$ 516.6 Mn by the year 2032 at a CAGR of 2.9% between 2022 and 2032.

pH of catalase that is produced by human beings is close to 7. Those having grey hair indicate lower quantity of catalase. The enzyme is actually employed in a broad range of sectors inclusive of medicines, textiles, chemical synthesis, food and beverages, and personal care and cosmetics. Catalase serves as an antioxidant.

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Catalase has an important role to play in producing cheese and food wrappers as well. This goes to show that the food and beverages vertical couldn’t be imagined without catalase in place.

These days, the wastewater treatment process also asks for catalase enzyme. With depletion of sources of water, the demand for catalase is bound to grow on a limitless note in the forecast period. The textile industry also needs catalase to have pure fabric. These factors are slated to drive the catalase market going forward.

At the same time, the fact that catalase is pretty sensitive as far as temperature is concerned can’t be ignored. In other words, rise in temperature beyond a threshold causes the enzyme to get denatured. Also, catalase may cause harm to cell membranes and result in greying of hair. These factors may restrain the catalase industry in the forecast period. Future Market Insights has walked through these facts with future perspectives in its latest market study entitled ‘Catalase Market’.

Key Takeaways from Catalase Market

  • North America holds more than 29% of the market share. This could be reasoned with consumers increasingly preferring natural products with skin adornment concerns. Also, inclination towards packaged food and beverages is adding to the revenue.
  • Europe holds more than 27% of the overall market share. This could be credited to boom in the cosmetics and personal care vertical all across the Europe. Cosmetics Europe has confirmed that Germany stands first with respect to cosmetics and personal care products, followed by Italy, France, and Poland.
  • The Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate in catalase industry with countries like India and China representing a fascinating platform for various industries to fund research efforts.

Competitive Landscape

  • BIO-CAT, along with BIO-CAAT Microbials, did declare investment worth US$ 35 Mn in March 2022 for significantly expanding the Troy facility. This would help in enhancing the functionality of fermentation. The first phase of expansion comprises construction on a 53,800-square feet area. The future expansion is expected to reach 100K square feet. Completion is expected by May 2023. The existing output is expected to increase by over 400%.
  • Biocatalysts, in October 2021, did announce intention of building aa novel 10 m3 fermenter coupled with downstream processing facilities to cater to their cutting-edge enzyme producing facility. This facility claims to provide upscalation with regards to commercial production fermentation and flexibility herein. It could also ferment E. coli, Yarrowia, and Pichia, and later process them downstream.
  • Horizon AG-Products, LP comes across as one of the biotechnology-based plant health product manufacturers for farming vertical. The items available include calcium products, hydra-humus, fertilizer additives, catalase compounds, humic-acid, and micronutrient products. The company does create atmospheric biosensors basically using glucose oxidase for determining the activity of catalase.
  • Tonbo Biosciences produces bespoke and standard agents. It makes way for recombinant proteins, receptors, proteases, pH buffer solutions, and monoclonal antibodies. PCR and ELISA reagent kits are also available. Antibody conjugation services are also available with them.

“Awareness of the fact that catalase is important when it comes to protecting the cells from oxidative damage caused due to reactive oxygen species is expected to catalyze the catalase industry in the forecast period”, says an analyst from Future Market Insights.

How is the Report unfolding?

  • The research study is based on source (catalase sourced from Bovine livers and catalase sourced from microorganisms), by end-use (catalase for food & beverages, catalase for the textile industry, catalase for pharmaceuticals, catalase for personal care, and catalase for other end uses), and by product type (liquid catalase and powder catalase).
  • A catalase molecule is able to break zillions of molecules of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water every second.

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Key Segments Profiled In The Catalase Industry Survey

Catalase Market by Source:

  • Catalase sourced from Bovine Livers
  • Catalase sourced from Microorganisms

Catalase Market by End Use:

  • Catalase for Food & Beverage
  • Catalase for the Textile Industry
  • Catalase for Pharmaceuticals
  • Catalase for Personal Care
  • Catalase for Other End Uses

Catalase Market by Product Type:

  • Liquid Catalase
  • Powder Catalase

Catalase Market by Region:

  • North America Catalase Market
  • Latin America Catalase Market
  • Europe Catalase Market
  • Asia Pacific Catalase Market
  • Middle East and Africa Catalase Market

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