Can Traditional Farming Get a Facelift with Robotic Technology?

Robotics is one of the many intelligent branches of engineering and science that outgrows the traditional machines which have the capabilities of duplicating actions of humans or simply substituting them in certain tasks. With the advancement of technology, robotics is growing rapidly with its successful application in domestic, commercial and military sectors. This potential technology has been utilized in various fields and with prolonged research being carried out, robotics will reach greater heights in the years to come.

One of the most important discoveries in the field of robotics would be the application of robotics in agricultural sector. With the introduction of robots for carrying out complex farming activities could help farmers work efficiently.

Farm robots provide greater efficiency

A recent trends stated the development of farm robots that were designed to work under the covering of the crop. These robots are designed in such a manner that they could research on the condition of the crops. Other uses could be weed control, efficient production and harvesting. They are also planning to develop universal climate-friendly robotic innovations.

With the enhancement in technology, the horizon of innovation keep rising and therefore, it becomes more possible to experiment with what robots could possibly do in the agricultural sector. One such promising innovation would be, the marriage of artificial intelligence and robotics to advance the ability of robots. Small robots or ‘farmbots’ could be used for precision farming and carry out tasks that could be hard to execute for farmers. These intelligent robots could be designed to predict actions that need to be taken to improve the health of the farm and the nutrition quality of crops as well as reduce labor costs.

New age developments are giving researchers the opportunities to think out of the box and develop robotic vehicles for farming, which can be used to sense the data of crops and robotic motors to perform certain activities in the farm. Robotics in agricultural sectors would give rise to automated farms that would be well equipped to perform almost all the significant functions in the farm with timely inspection by the farmers.

Robots bring accuracy, perfection, efficiency and consistency to the farms, which may not be possible by humans all at the same time. The way robots are being designed for farming, will have advancements with respect to the requirements and technical capabilities. This is why the application of robots in farms is an essential approach to revolutionize farming and welcome technological transformations for one the most important and vast sectors round the globe.

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