In a recent announcement, one of the leading international healthcare and life sciences advisory firms Alira Health disclosed that it has purchased a data science organization Clinical Insights, which offers data analytics and predictive analysis to wide range of companies operating in the healthcare industry.

With this acquisition, every practice area of Alira Health, be it innovation, clinical, strategy, regulatory, or transaction advisory services, will get a hold on rich data. This will enable the collective organization to support its clients with a wide range of complementary, integrated services, such as helping clients deal with the problems they come across at the time of implementing novel value-based care models in EU and the U.S. as well as in clinical trial expenses and recruitment, health economics, market access, reimbursement, and the development of customized data products.

Gabriele Brambilla, CEO of Alira Health said that they have been searching for the apt analytics platform for long that can complement the working of the organization and can provide extra data tools to them enabling them to offer clients deeper insights and recommendations proved by science.

Brambilla further added that they are very excited to work with the amazing team of Clinical Insights, whose data analytics capabilities will prove highly beneficial in supporting strategic, clinical, commercial, regulatory, and innovation decision making processes in the fast-changing healthcare ecosystems. The advisor firm is eager to add the new competence and offer the best-value services to their clients.

In fact, while commenting on the acquisition, Paolo Migliari, Chief Operations and Digital Information Officer of Clinical Insights, said that the Clinical Insights team is excited to be a part of Alira Health. Migliar added that the collaboration will give them the chance to apply their knowledge to a wider range of service areas and they will be able to support clients better across their product and company lifecycles.

Alira Health has been helping the healthcare and life science companies to innovate and create value across their product and business lifecycles. Alira Health provides a wide range of advisory services, including innovation, strategy, regulatory, clinical, and transaction, and stay close to almost every aspect of healthcare, such as Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Services, MedTech, Biotech, and IT.  It is dedicated to the healthcare sector and is constantly adding an integrated approach to the industry.

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