OncoRes Medical a technology start-up based in Perth, Australia has been given global recognition for its attempts to improve the results of breast cancer surgery.

Digital Imagery to Play Major Role

OncoRes Medical created an imaging tool for surgeries that generates digital images of cancerous tissue. Currently, the primary method for tumor identification is through the feeling of stiff lumps in the body, which is difficult when the stiffness of tumors is at minute scale which can’t be detected by touch.

In surgery, healthcare professionals are often relying on feel and vision to find out every bit of the tumor has been removed, which is considered to be outdated in terms of today’s technology.

A large percentage of patients who require surgery for removing breast cancer tumors, find that they need extra surgeries to get rid of diseased tissue which was not detected in earlier operations.

Study Displays Positive Results

The CEO of OncoRes, Katherine Giles stated that results from recent research on the new technology has been extremely positive. The company just completed a study at the Fiona Stanley Hospital, which has shown in its results that, the accuracy of the new technology is more than 90 per cent, which is far higher than any expectation and better than competing technologies. The technology is now operating with great results, in a hand-held devices, which is expected to be released to healthcare professionals worldwide to utilize in operations within the surgical cavity, to find any bit of tumor that might have been missed by surgeons during operations.

Technology Showcased to the World

The firm is aiming establish itself firmly in the United States market, where it is expected to have a global impact. The win at Pitch@Palace, that was initiated by Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, is a huge step in this direction.

A major aspect of the Pitch@Palace meeting is that actually higher access is provided to the start-up network present at the House of York, and the networks are promoted by Prince Andrew himself.

So OncoRes Medical has been given specific directions that if the company were to require anything, that they could go and directly speak to a secretary appointed to the Duke of York’s office, and make requisitions for exactly what they require to assist in the faster growth of the business. OncoRes Medical aims to develop tools and technology in the end to give help in other areas, such as the different causes of cancer that are commonly faced by the medical fraternity.

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