With growing importance being given to alternative energy sources to solve the issue of climate change and rapid development of new technologies in the field, the solar energy sector is gaining high priority in both commercial and residential purposes. New government led initiatives and awareness about the effects of environmental pollution are expected to push up the demand for solar inverters worldwide.

Government Initiatives for Developing Green Technologies Show Their Effect

The solar inverter market is showing good signs for the future, because growing need of solar power worldwide, to supplement the inadequate power production through conventional means is gaining importance. Recent times have also produced various developments in the field. Massive monetary investments in the renewable energy industry has propelled the solar energy manufacturer’s activities. For instance, investments in by Australian public sector is expected to rise by more than double in the near future.

In a similar manner, Dubai’s public energy sector has gone into a collaboration with energy companies of the region to boost solar power production capacities of the region by a significant amount. The project which will cost more than 13 billion dollars is expected to increase adoption of solar inverters in the near future for the country.

Electronics in solar inverters are expected to develop on the basis of specific modules and will see increased demand because of low installation and maintenance efforts and costs, coupled with high rates of production for solar power.

Market players are increasingly developing solar inverters with better durability in addition to long-duration warrantees to buyers up to 25 years. Therefore adoption of solar inverters is anticipated to grow rapidly in the years to come.

On the other hand, growing competition in the sector resulting in lowered prices will reduce earnings of solar inverter manufacturers which will restrain the solar inverter market in the years to come.

Efficiency-Boosting Technological Innovations Gain Significance

Numerous manufacturers operating in the solar inverter market are emphasizing on activities involving research to enhance solar inverter performance and better repair, overhaul, and maintenance services by using tech improvements.

Some of the key players in the solar inverter manufacturing sector such as Schneider Electric Co., Emerson Electric Company, Power-one Inc., KACO New Energy Inc., and SMA Solar Technology AG are working on such innovations.

Moreover, these companies are also emphasizing on boosted capacity for producing solar inverters, to fulfil present and future demand. Bonfiglioli for example, has noticeably raised its production capacity by more than 100 per cent in the past few years.

For example, SolarEdge has also released a wide range of new solar inverter products that make use of optimized power gauges for efficient consumption tracking and power flow management. The inverter can easily change from using DC to AC as a result, which makes sure of correct operation in different conditions. In addition, compact solar inverters that are ideal for restricted roof space are also being developed.

For similar use, Sungrow has released solar inverters that utilize single switching transistors that are capable of dealing with a very wide spectrum of voltages in comparison to traditional inverters that despite using multiple transistors are unable to use more than one voltage.

A 3 phase inverter has also been developed by Siemens maintains a fixed level of voltage in spite of multiple changes in the modules or the surrounding environment. The information on the running of such inverters can also studied with a basic internet access for improved troubleshooting processes.

An assessment of the global solar inverter market provides a full write up of the future and present situations in the solar inverter market. The report on the solar inverter market allows the gathering of useful insights to be available for readers.

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