As one of the main pillars of the European Union, an impressive growth of the agriculture sector presents lucrative opportunities for the Europe threshers market in the coming decade. The agriculture sector in the European Union plays a vital role in shaping the landscapes in rural areas. Along with its contribution to the food production, agricultural sector also contributes to other industries such as energy production. As thrashers are one of the important agricultural equipment that assists farmers in enhancing the productivity of farming, Europe threshers market is likely to flourish in the region.

According to the CEMA, the European Association that represents European agricultural machinery industry, Europe reported the largest production of agricultural machinery production in 2013. With the growing adoption of agricultural technology in Europe, Europe threshers market is anticipated to grow at a steady pace in the foreseeable future.

Europe Threshers Market: France at the Helm of Demand, Germany to Lead Agriculture Machinery Export

France is the leading agriculture oriented country in the European Union supplying 23% of the production among 15 EU members and the top EU exporter of agriculture market following the United States. With the highest production of cereals in Europe, France is likely to present the leading demand for threshers in the future, in turn, driving the Europe threshers market in the region.

Germany has been observed to lead the agricultural machinery export in the world. With the presence of one of the top agricultural machinery manufacturing titans including threshers and the second largest consumer of the agricultural machinery in Western Europe, Germany present lucrative opportunities for the Europe threshers market. While contributing significantly to the world’s agricultural machinery industry output, Germany has a divergent market of agricultural machinery of scarifying, fertilizing and seeding including combine harvesters and grain threshers. Given that Germany is estimated to dominate the Europe threshers market in the near future.

Europe Threshers Market: Digital Revolution and Agricultural Technology Adoption to Fuel Demand for Threshers

Being an integral part of the European economy, the agriculture sector is expanding its capabilities by gradually adopting digitalization and advanced agricultural technologies, creating new avenues for the Europe threshers market. With the digital revolution, the Europe agriculture sector is expected to enhance productivity by many folds by enabling farmers to be more precise and efficient in farming activities. This explains the active adoption of advanced agricultural equipment including modern harvesters and threshers. While digitalization is witnessing gradual penetration, ongoing lack of its knowledge, the absence of infrastructure, and intensive costs of machinery including threshers are expected to confine the growth of the Europe threshers market in the foreseeable future.

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