With the University Health Coverage Launch, Kenya Medical Supplies Authority dispatched a medical supplies consignment to four pilot countries. University Health Coverage is expected to be launched in Kisumu and rolled out in the other three countries including Isiolo, Nyeri and Machakos. The CEO of Kenya Medical Supplies Authority, Jonah Mwangi told the press that the orders that were delivered included critical care items, public health chemicals, point-of-care clinical diagnostic devices, orthopedic implants, basic medical equipment, dental consumables, and lien.

Kenya Medical Supplies Authority has been dedicated towards delivering renal and dialysis consumables, non-communicable disease commodities through access programs, digital films and radiology products, CT scan and MRI products, along with expanded oncology products.

The agency in the University Health Coverage program has been entrusted to ensure quality medical products to be provided at fair prices, delivery of supplies and medicine in good time according to the requirements of health facilities, and sufficiency in vital health medicines and supplies’ stock.

Know Why Pilot Countries were Chosen

Rashid Aman, the Health Ministry CAS was present and stated that Kisumu was chosen as a pilot country for the programme as it has registered a high predominance of communicable disease burden. Similarly, Isiolo has a scanty population along with a high rate of maternal mortality, Nyeri a recognized a leader in communicable disease burden, while soaring incidences of road accidents are witnessed in Machakos.

The University Health Coverage program would focus on a primary health care approach and would include maternal and child health services, antenatal and postnatal care services, enhancing immunization services, family planning, prevention of diseases such that are vector borne or water borne, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, and improving the nutrition of conceiving women and carried out these activities throughout the initial five years of the child’s life.

New Research Revelations

The need for effective medical devices and medical supplies has been an increasing requirement across the world. According to a new research conducted by Future Market Insights, the point-of-care devices such as point-of-care cholesterol monitoring devices are increasingly utilized especially in the home care setting. Moreover, with the increasing emergence of technology, the point-of-care devices are expected to be integrated with advanced technologies. With the supply of medical devices and effective clinical care, such programs are expected to boost the capabilities of healthcare.

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