Surgical generators market is expected to growth at a substantial rate with increasing number of bariatric surgeries, demand for minimally invasive surgeries, rising number of aging population as well as technological innovations in the electrosurgical devices. Growing prevalence of the chronic diseases such as kidney and cancer diseases across the globe have been fuelling the demand sales in surgical generators market. However, overall reimbursement scenario, product recalls and nonconductive healthcare system are significantly posing challenges for the surgical generators market. In addition, emergence of scar formation or thermal damage are expected to further restrain the growth of surgical generators market.

Apart from the above-mentioned, rising number of government initiatives for stimulating elective surgery adoption as well as transforming healthcare infrastructure are witnessed as opening-up lucrative growth opportunities for the surgical generators market in the long run.

Innovative Solution for Surgeons to Handle Challenging Reoperations

Ethicon, one of the prominent players in surgical generators market recently launched a new and comprehensive surgical solution that can be highly beneficial for the bariatric revision surgery, which comprises of a holistic portfolio of products along with professional training and education, in order to manage the challenges with regards to reoperations. This in turn is expected to offer lucrative production opportunities to the manufacturers in surgical generators market on a major basis.

Bariatric surgery is broadly considered as the most efficient and long-term treatment, that can be highly beneficial for the severe obesity diseases, thereby driving usage of surgical generators. However, there are several cases wherein the patients need revision surgery or in other terms, new treatment modality, which is resultant of weight recidivism, co-morbidity reduction and changes in anatomy. With the vital chronicity and nature of obesity diseases, need for lifelong management increases, which again dives in significant opportunities for manufacturers in surgical generators market. Surgical generators have been turning out to be highly beneficial for surgeons in dealing with such complex nature surgeries that are highly unpredictable. The major point to note here is that this new portfolio from the surgical generators market player has been gaining significant traction amongst the patients as well with growing awareness regarding the solution.

Rapidly increasing need for consistency, efficiency, and precision in bariatric revision surgery has been lucratively benefitting the overall surgical generators market as well as is driving the demand for the new comprehensive solution, which is inclusive of

HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears


STRATAFIX™ Knotless Tissue Control Devices

SURGICEL SNoW™ Absorbable Hemostat

Strategic Acquisition of AngioDynamics, Inc.

AngioDynamics, Inc., one of the prominent players in surgical generators market has been witnessed as taking immense efforts in expanding its global business in surgical generators market. Recently, the surgical generators market player acquired RadiaDyne, in order to leverage its capabilities for improving cancer treatment outcomes. This transaction is highly beneficial for surgical generators market player as it enables the company in expanding its Oncology business, with the addition of early-stage, proprietary of RadiaDyne, known as OARtrac®. This system is expected to be beneficial to the surgical generators market player with real-time radiation dosage monitoring platform as well as delivers various other market topping oncology solutions, which is inclusive of Alatus® and IsoLoc®/ImmobiLoc® balloon stabilizing technologies.

Manufacturers in surgical generators market can take note of the point that this new propriety offers economically-favorable, clinically-relevant and safer solutions for the patients. In addition, surgical generators market manufacturers can also note that this unique combination would significantly help in expanding their global value proposition in surgical generators market, thereby exclusively showcasing as to how innovation can benefit in better care for the patients.

The new system, OARtrac® offers customized adaptive radiotherapy, which again drives in demand and supply opportunities for manufacturers in surgical generators market. Moreover, the new system helps in reducing the side-effects, thereby improving clinical outcomes throughout all the radiation forms as well as photon beam therapy.

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