Almost every business is responsible for at least some part of global air pollution, be it through their regular operations or through their supply chains. The heavy consumption of fossil fuels for temperature control, food and beverage production, and goods and passenger transport are increasingly releasing greenhouse gases and pollutants that affect people around the world constantly. This is estimated to cost the global economy more than $5 Trillion through expenses on welfare programs.

Until now, businesses could easily deflect responsibility, and put the blame on other parties. However, with the advent of new technology involving satellites and sensors, the real sources of pollution can now be easily and accurately tracked, putting actionable insights back into the hands of brands and businesses involved.

With this new technology, modern businesses will have to make a choice: On one hand, they can choose to tackle the sources of pollution head on and reap the benefits of being a pro-environment organization. Alternatively, they will have to risk eventual exposure regarding their polluting activities, which can adversely affect their business’s profitability.

Pilot Satellite and Sensors Programs Launched in the UK and US

The technology to detect air pollution sources will be made available to not just companies and governments but also to the citizens of the cities involved.  Pilot programs for this ambitious project have already been launched in London in the United Kingdom, and Houston and Oakland in the United States. New innovations to improve the systems are being constantly included, with data analytics creating an open source knowledge base for the world.

This means that very soon information on the amount of pollutants being released by individual locations and operating fleets, will be tied to the corresponding economic and health impacts they have on their surroundings. This will allow companies to accurately gauge their pollution footprint, and take action against it to improve their standing with investors, communities and consumers.

Pro-Environment Measures to Boost Initiative

Leading businesses across the world have already started to take initiative by increasingly investing in alternative energy sources and pollution free transport solutions, to eliminate the presence of emissions from their operations and supply chains. Steps including energy audits, electrification of heat sources, contracts with clean energy providers, best practices are increasingly gaining popularity. With efficient pro-environment frameworks in place the satellite and sensors program is anticipated to show great potential for the future.

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