Industrial motors are an industrial equipment used in various sectors for the purpose of generating energy for the purpose of motion control and trigger movement in equipment and machinery. Electric industrial motors are powered by electric energy for carrying out various activities across the industrial sectors. Based on its power source, the industrial motors are of two type including DC industrial motors and AC industrial motors.

Advanced Industrial Motors for Robotics and Automation Needs

The advent of automation has contributed to new developments in motion control offerings. The need for high-performance equipment has stimulated the need for effective and efficient industrial motors which could contribute to the same. With the significance of motion in manufacturing, manufacturers of industrial motors have been continually innovating in the capabilities of industrial motors. Furthermore, the current trend of automation and robotics is expected to boost these innovations even greatly.

The emergence of advanced brushless DC motor design has equipped a new array of motors which are compact enough for being fitted in restricted spaces, yet powerful enough to deliver performance. These motors are efficient and can be used in remote or wireless applications as well. High-performance brushless DC motors are capable of providing the required level of output demanded by modern-day applications. Companies are contributing such industrial motors to the market with an aim to address the transforming requirements.

Aveox unveiled a portfolio of high-efficiency frameless brushless DC motors that are designed specifically for mission critical needs. Maxon Motors also introduced a range of frameless motors for its beneficial attributes such as reduced mass, minimized space envelope and a lesser number of parts, making them well-equipped for use in several application segments.

Smart motor-sensing Technology

Sensor technology has been a major driving factor for the industrial motors market. Manufacturers of industrial motors are leveraging the advancing technologies to monitor the performance of industrial motors and enable improvements in product offerings. There have various collaborations taking place in the market.

A pump manufacturer Emile Egger collaborated with ABB for harnessing its smart sensor technology that could enable monitoring of motors. The sensor would transfer the data from the low-voltage industrial motors for detection of issues, preventive maintenance, and downtime reduction. Such technological enhancements are expected to boost the capabilities of industrial motors and bring prominent transformations in the market.

Proliferating Electric Motor Construction

The increasing significance of electric motors has empowered electric motor-makers to manufacture electric motors in greater volume. This is expected to boost the overall industrial motors market performance in terms of revenue generation with the increasing use of electric motors. Schaeffler, a global automotive and industrial supplier acquired Elmotec Statomat Holding GmbH for construction of electric motors in high-volume. Schaeffler believes that the company possesses greater expertise in winding technology, which they aim to harvest. With this acquisition, Schaeffler is focused towards expanding its expertise in electric motor construction.

Industrial sector is taking advantages of the electric mobility with the help of high-performance motors and other components. This has become a key growth drivers for the electric motor manufacturers, thereby contributing to the profits for the industrial motors market. Torqeedo, a German manufacturer unveiled the new high power versions of electric propulsion system. Their high-power motors and high capacity batteries provide major potential to faster and larger vessels.

The industrial motors market report highlights the key aspects of the overall global market. The industrial motors market research taps the major segments of the market, highlights major companies contributing to the market, potential growth driving factors, and the prospective opportunities that lie ahead in time for industrial motors manufacturers. To avail key insights of the industrial motors market, click here.

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