Hypertension refers to a medical condition that has had a history of affecting people across the globe and also carries the potential of resulting into chronic health issues, such as cardiac arrest, heart failure, and stroke. It also represents a notable burden to the overall healthcare system framework and has attracted the attention of healthcare providers multiple times.

Renal denervation evolved as a breakthrough in terms of addressing hypertension outside of the traditional medication approaches. In this process, the nerves in the renal framework remain the target areas for blood pressure reduction. With potential benefits demonstrated, some of the latest and positive research results have translated into heightened interest as well as investments in the renal denervation process space.

Ablative Solutions, Inc., a firm pioneering latest and effective approaches for addressing hypertension, made an announcement of the first closure of its Series D funding round worth $77 million. As confirmed by various sources, the company is using this funding to facilitate clinical research & efficacy tests into its technological portfolio, which entails infusion of dehydrated alcohol into renal system in the form of a neurolytic agent for blocking the nerves that can amplify high blood pressure.

Sources also state that the organization has largely been in a momentary hold for the last two years owing to lack of funding, which had adverse impacts on the company’s efforts in clinical research. This new cash infusion will be leveraged to back a compact proof of efficacy of the Ablative’s technology and also a macro randomized trial that is supposed to act a validator of the technology for regulators across the U.S. and Europe.

It is strongly believed that solid claims and positive results by the recent studies on renal denervation is one of the prominent aspects that attracted substantial investments into this field. While drug therapy in tandem with evolving lifestyle changes remain the highly common treatment approaches for hypertension, constant pursuit for efficacy remains a key reason for increasing interest and investments in this area.

According to Geoff Pardo, a key investor, the technological portfolio of Ablative Solutions’ remains differentiated and unique in the overall market space owing to its abilities in terms of targeting nerves with greater efficacy and minimally-invasive manner, unlike their competitors. “It will be exciting to work with a solid syndicate with enough financial backup to attain desired clinical objectives and offer something that results in high-quality and better outcomes with reduced costs”, Pardo added.

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