The modern warehouses and industries demand next-gen material handling equipment and solutions that not only help in reducing labor cost but also help in achieving environmental efficiency. This is why the automated guided vehicle is becoming an ideal choice for industrial sectors. A conventional automated guided vehicle is being redesigned to address the transforming requirements, backed by technological advancements. A modern automated guided vehicle is, therefore, expected to offer improved scalability, reliability, and high performance.

Utilizing Green Energy to Power Next-gen Automated Guided Vehicle

Leading industries and production facilities are opting for green technology to foster their goal of achieving environmental efficiency by reducing environmental footprint. The choice of industrial equipment and machinery for modern plants and sites is heavily relying on the green energy factor. Konecranes Gottwald, a recognized provider of mobile harbor cranes and automated guided vehicle recently supplied 25 units of a lithium-ion battery powered automated guided vehicle to Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA), replacing CTA’s existing first-generation automated guided vehicle which was powered by diesel. These automated guided vehicles are unmanned and controlled through software, providing efficiency between the stack yard and harbor quay in large container terminals. The lithium-ion technology enables faster charging and the use of green energy helps in transporting containers between a yard and the ships without the emission of harmful gases, thereby boosting sustainability at the workplace.

Aluminum Production Industry to Benefit from the New Product

Mobile and stationary equipment manufacturer, Mecfor introduced one of its most innovative products, an automated guided vehicle designed wholly designed to cater to the aluminum production industry across the world. Designed to facilitate in complex environments, this new automated guided vehicle overrides challenges such as temperature variation, dust, magnetic fields, and continual worker interactions. Mecfor was able to position itself for next-gen aluminum refineries with this technological investment and open new opportunities for the development of similar equipment. Moreover, this all-new cutting-edge automated guided vehicle would also reduce the ecological footprints of production plants.

Application-Specific Requirements to Fuel Innovations

The demand for application-specific equipment and machines are driving robust innovations in the automated guided vehicle landscape. The demand for unmanned guided vehicle systems is expected to reflect a significant demand specifically from the freezer storage warehouses. Finding workers to function in the freezer and chilled environments have been challenging. Such situations are triggering new innovations in the automated guided vehicle ecosystem. Owing to this, a provider of integrated automated technology, services, and software, Dematic released a new freezer-rated narrow aisle reach automated guided vehicle system, which is designed for operating autonomously in freezer and chilling environments. While the manually operated automated guided vehicle systems witnessed workers taking breaks due to the freezing conditions, this new automated guided vehicle can operate constantly for transporting products in cold conditions.

Boosting the Competence of Automated Guided Vehicle with New Investments

The automated guided vehicle landscape has witnessed several developments in terms of bolstering investments, portfolio expansions, and others that are aimed at enhancing the capabilities of automated guided vehicles. For instance, the SSI SCHAEFER, a leading provider of products for the material handling products, expanded its product portfolio in the futuristic segment with an investment in DS AUTOMOTION, an automotive guided vehicle specialist. This collaboration was aimed at meeting the burgeoning demand for the automated guided vehicle. This investment would support the SSI SCHAEFER’s expansion of their automated guided vehicle portfolio and further increase their market coverage. Furthermore, the company aims to boost their focus on handling specific tasks of transporting and lifting with the automated guided vehicle systems by combining their intralogistics solutions expertise with DS AUTOMOTION’s customized device configurations expertise.

Automated Guided Vehicle with Laser Technology Integration Facilitate Precision

Laser technology remains a crucial driver for the automated guided vehicle landscape. The laser guidance enabled automated guided vehicle solutions deliver high-level precision as they successfully detect fixed reference points and offer flexible and dynamic control. Manufacturers are aiming at offering laser integrated automated guided vehicle to offer their clients with next-level handling solutions.

There are several opportunities anticipated across the automated guided vehicle market for manufacturers. To avail an insightful overview of the other such developments in the automated guided vehicle market, click here.

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