Manufacturers in automotive windshield washer system market are working towards developing high-performance windshield washer system, engineered, and designed for delivering rugged reliability, even at crucial off-road conditions. The future of mobility is expected to be autonomous vehicles, which would also be dependent on ever-complex, and high-end set of technologies that are exclusively responsible for seeing surroundings of the vehicles. Many customers these days are more inclined towards easy DIY repair in case of any issues in automotive windshield washer systems.

A senior analyst at Future Market Insights throws light on the key developments in the global automotive windshield washer system market.

What are some key developments in automotive windshield washer system market?

Manufacturers in automotive windshield washer system market are working towards expanding their expertise with innovative product developments. In addition, Ford has adopted a new windshield washer system that is developed by two German siblings in Germany.

  • Continental A.G., a German automotive company is planning to take a logical step ahead in expanding its presence further in automotive aftermarket of Europe with its latest model, Aquactrl wiper blades. The company is basically working towards extending their expertise in the rubber products for offering drivers, and garages with spare parts in the OE (original equipment) quality. The all-new windshield washer system is designed for distributing pressures throughout the blades for ensuring clearance of water from windshield. Most of all, this new windshield washer system consist of pre-installed adapters that help with easier installation practices.
  • Lately, an innovative development by two siblings from Germany caught the attention of Ford, who came up with the idea of water conservation from windshield wipers. The developers are of the viewpoint that windshield washer system can be utilized for collecting the rainwater. The successful experiment was done on Ford S-MAX by connecting the rubber tubes to windshield wiper fluid reservoirs from bottom of windscreen, instantly funneling rainwater in the tank.

What does 2019 hold for automotive windshield washer system manufacturers?

On a broader outlook, manufacturers in automotive windshield washer system market are planning to develop wiper-integrated windshield washer system with high-pressure qualities. In addition, efforts are being taken to make wiper blades that cast right in rubber, and have integrated tubes that hold tiny perforations. Technological advancements is likely to play a significant role in 2019 for the automotive industry with development of windshield washer system that is computer-controlled. For instance, automotive company such as Röchling Automotive in Europe developed is computer controlled windshield washer system known as Advanced Active Cleaning System, that automatically detects as and when key Lidar systems, and cameras are to be sprayed clean.

Heavy investments are made by start-ups such as Seeva Technologies, in a bid to enhance their global footprint in the automotive windshield washer system market. For instance, recently a Seattle automotive company, SEEVA Technologies, Inc. introduced an innovative heated windshield washer fluid dispenser that can help in cleaning everything from windshields to sensors, and cameras during dusty, dirty, and critical weather conditions. In addition, the automotive windshield washer system start-up has planned to raise nearly $2Million for expanding its product development solution for the automotive industry. With Seeva’s patented windshield washer system, Seevatherm, quick and clean results can be obtained for maintaining visibility as well as to keep passengers safe.

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