Sustainability is no longer just a trend, rather it has become more of a necessity. Many of the big brands are coming forward and taking significant steps in this direction to make their offerings in line with the necessities of sustainability. Similarly, Colpac is set to launch a latest and exclusive product from its Zest eco packaging range at Packaging Innovations i.e. a recyclable and compostable heat seal sandwich pack.

The company stated that this particular launch of heat seal packaging has the potential to aid in extending shelf life of the food inside having short-life ingredients and is ecofriendly by nature.

The pack, along with the window, has been created using recyclable materials, such as paperboard, that enable the complete pack to get instantly recycled. Appropriate for any sort of food service operators, ranging from delicatessens to bakeries and from restaurants to supermarkets, the pack offers feasibility in terms of customization to a large extent as per the user specifications.

The eco packaging format by Colpac was developed as a response to the mushrooming demand from various food service establishments and operators, who are on a lookout for packaging, which is compatible with various steams of waste.

Packaging Innovations shall be conducted at NEC Birmingham from 27th February onwards. With rising consumer preferences for products offered by sustainable companies, leading brands are paying immense attention to offer products that are environmentally responsible. For years it has been claimed that consumers are not concerned with products being environmentally-responsible, which is not the case anymore. It’s increasingly observed that sales figures of products that are environmentally responsible have crossed significant boundaries as compared to that of the ones that are not environmentally responsible.

The aforementioned has been inferred in line with statistics from some of the world’s leading organizations. With drastic changes in climatic adversities, damage to environment has become uncompromising and larger brands with stronghold are not willing to take risks in terms of customer confidence on their products. Unmet consumer needs do exist across many categories, with packaging being a prominent one. This step by Colpac in terms of aligning their production strategies vis-à-vis sustainability and launching products along the similar lines will definitely help the company tap into some colossal business opportunities and gain high-profit margins.

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