A distribution contract was signed by Renmatix with The Ingredient House, a supplier of specialty food ingredients to[RP1]  to food and beverage manufacturers all over the US. Both companies foresee the potential to substitute eggs with simple cellulose in baked products. Simple cellulose is a plant-based ingredient that offers producers around 50 percent in cost-in-use savings.

Renmatix feels that there are a lot of growth opportunities in following the clean label movement by using simple cellulose, which shows multifunctional property advantages in moisture retention, fat replacement, texturizing, and emulsification. Some of these are sought-after traits to meet today’s ever-changing consumer tastes.

Simple cellulose is extracted from agricultural feedstocks and plant materials. It enables food manufacturers to replace fats and eggs, as it increases the efficiency of texturizing ingredients and moisture retention needed for freshness extension. All this is done by undermining the price of traditional components. 

Simple cellulose has also shown promise in vegan-baked and gluten-free goods. Additionally, its exceptional characteristics are currently being recognized in various baked goods such as donuts, breads, cookies, and muffins. As per Renmatix, the product will also be used in meat & dairy, soups,sauces, and several other food ingredient applications.

Renmatix’s CEO, Mike Hamilton explained that egg substitute is essential in the present baking industry. He stated that eggs are just expensive and natural calamities such as diseases, hurricanes and other factors can hamper the supply chain, thereby increasing costs and creating uncertainty for businesses that are highly dependent on a regular supply of ingredients.

Mike Hamilton also added that simple cellulose is extracted from plant material, namely agricultural feedstocks that only uses water, making it less expensive than eggs.

Renmatix estimated that if bakeries opt for simple cellulose, they will be saving around 25-50% on the cost of eggs annually. Second crucial fact is that a lot of consumers want plant-based ingredients in their food, which are not just environmentally sustainable but also cruelty-free.

Besides plant-based ingredients, consumers also want gluten-free and allergen-free food products, which is possible with the help of simple cellulose. It was in July that simple cellulose was introduced at the IFT Food Expo. Since its debut, it has been used in several bakery trial tests run all over the US.

Mike Hamilton said that they introduced simple cellulose last summer and they have been continuously testing it regionally in many commercial bakeries around Philadelphia. They are producing it in big amounts in their Kennesaw (Georgia) factory, and have witnessed big success in the bakeries and tests with partners such as Mattson Foods. He further said that they are all ready to provide simple cellulose to bigger customers in the US.

 [RP1]As we have written supplier, we don’t need to write “who sells to”

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