Automotive and Transportation analysts at Future Market Insights discuss the crucial developments witnessed in the emission control catalyst landscape

The growing significance given to emission control by the governments of several countries is creating demand for emission control technology. Emission control catalyst being a workable fix for cutting down toxic emissions generated by automobiles and other industries. Emission control catalyst helps the amount of emission of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide. The rising penetration of automobiles coupled with the increasing need for controlling the emission of harmful gases that pose a threat to the environment is boosting the emission control catalyst activities across the globe. This has created growth opportunities for the manufacturers of emission control catalyst.

What are some of the key developments that are shaping the manufacturing landscape of emission control catalyst?

Given the increasing regulations pertaining to the emissions by the automotive sector, the demand for emission control catalyst solutions is elevating substantially. Owing to this there are some key developments that are expected to define the manufacturing landscape of the emission control catalyst. In line with the stringent emission control requirements in the spike of China Stage 6 implementation in 2020, BASF SE, a leading supplier of emission control catalyst, will expand its production capabilities to Shanghai. This manufacturing facility will product catalysts for both diesel and petrol based light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

Which consumer demands are fostering the deployment of emission control catalyst?

The automotive sector is continually working towards meeting the demands of the automobile customers. Fuel efficiency remains a crucial requirement for modern automobile buyers. Owing to this, the emission control catalyst manufacturers are increasingly innovating their product range to cater to these demands. Continental demonstrated a pioneering technology that supports the global initiative of cleaner emissions. The company offers two solutions including the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalysts and an electrically heated catalyst that is designed to remain compliant along with cost-effectiveness.

Which are the strategies adopted by automotive suppliers that could boost the sales of emission control catalyst systems?

There is an increasing adoption of emission control catalyst solutions across the automotive sector, thereby reflected several growth opportunities for emission control catalyst producers. The automotive suppliers are entering into strategic collaborations that are aimed at increasing the sales of emission control catalyst. For instance, China Yuchai International Limited and Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology International GmbH entered into a partnership agreement for the production and sale of exhaust emission control systems that are designed for commercial vehicles.

What are the potential shortcomings that the emission control catalyst manufacturers could face in the near future?

While the overall market for emission control catalyst remains promising there are a few challenges that the manufacturers are expected to face in future. The development of more thermally stable emission control catalyst material would remain one of the key challenges. The future emission control catalyst systems are expected to have a maximum operating temperature which is about 950 degrees. This has given rise to extensive research and development activities that aim at achieving these requirements.

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