A leading research analyst at Future Market Insights discusses the opportunistic areas in the motorcycle suspension system market that could offer profitability in the coming years.

The global motorcycle sector is exhibiting substantial growth owing to the growing popularity amongst consumer bases. Consumers are preferring convenient transportation alternatives in their busy and fast-paced lifestyles. This has resulted in a predominant shift towards the use motorcycles, especially in the emerging economies. The demand for a motorcycle suspension system that boosts the riding experience in any environment is greatly influenced with these factors.

What are the key factors considered by consumers while selecting an ideal motorcycle suspension system?

End-users of the motorcycle suspension system are opting for a high—performance motorcycle suspension system that could improve the overall riding experience for their customers. For instance, the Harley-Davidson introduced several advanced technologies that increase the performance, elevate style, and boost the functionality of the 2019 Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike motorcycles. One of which is the premium motorcycle suspension technology that includes the both front and rear suspension. The front motorcycle suspension system helps achieve a smooth ride, linear damping performance, and reliable braking and handling performance, while the rear motorcycle suspension system enables pre-loaded adjustments for achieving optimal suspension performance for suit the preference of riders.

What innovations are manufactures are making to cater to the growing demand for advanced motorcycle suspension system?

The global motorcycle industry has been influenced by the emerging trends in the market. Keeping in line with the changing consumer preferences has become a crucial differentiating factor. Owing to this, the motorcycle makers are continually upgrading their product portfolio, thereby creating demand for next-gen components and part such as the advanced motorcycle suspension system. For instance, the new model by Aprilia, the super-naked bikes are getting a superior and advanced electronically controlled motorcycle suspension system. Claimed as the world’s most advanced electronically controlled motorcycle suspension system, the technology allows the rider to simple and customizable calibration of the shock and fork absorbers, in both manual and semi-active operating mode. Such innovations are crucial for bikes intended to be used in distinct environments.

Which markets exhibit lucrative opportunities for the motorcycle suspension system manufactures?

The APEJ market has showcased several opportunities for the motorcycle suspension system manufacturers. There is a rise in sale of motorcycles and scooters witnessed in the developing countries such as China and India. The motorcycle suspension system providers are attracted to these nations owing to such opportunities. The bad road conditions in India that demand effective motorcycle suspension system are the one of the most crucial reasons why the motorcycle suspension system are focusing on this market.  For instance, the Royal Enfield introduced its motorcycle in India. While normal bikes are equipped with USD or telescopic suspension, these new bikes feature leaf suspension at both front and rear ends that are usually found in carriers, trucks, and other vehicles and can take heavy beatings and withstand huge loads.

What are some notable market trends fueling innovations in the motorcycle suspension system landscape?

The significant trends of utilizing lightweight components in the production of automobile and motorcycles has greatly influenced the motorcycle suspension system landscape. Moreover, the increasingly environmental concerns are boosting the need of electric motorcycles. Both these market trends are expected to trigger business growth opportunities for the motorcycle suspension system. The Swedish manufacturer of electric motorcycles incorporated lightweight motorcycle suspension system into its Kalk, a new electric off-road motorcycle. To know more? Download free sample report.

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