Market Outlook for Hopped Malt Extract Market:

Malt extract is the concentrated or dried form of unfermented brewery wort. Its production involves crushing and mashing of malted grains, separation of wort from the spent grains and then their concentration and dehydration. This extract become hopped malt extract when hops are added into it. hopped malt extracts can be either in the form of liquid or solids. Hopped malt extract provides a malty but distinct flavor because of the concentration process during its production. Aromatic and bittering properties that hopped malt extract brings into the finished beer are proving to be a factor driving the demand for hopped malt extract and thus increasing its sales in the market.  Apart from brewing industry, hopped malt extract finds a wide range of applications in baking industry, confectionery, breakfast cereals, malt beverages and as sugar substitutes. Also the use of hopped malt extract for the production of non-alcoholic beverages by the brewing industries is driving the growth of hopped malt extract market positively.

Preference of Hopped Malt Extract by Microbreweries is Leading to the Growth of Hopped Malt Extract Market:

High cost of capital for startup or because of the constraints of franchising, small or microbreweries find it hard to introduce themselves in the market and grow against the existing major brewers. But now these small breweries are relying on hopped malt extract to produce their beers in order to bring new crafts and innovations in beer to attract customers. For such innovations, micro brewers are primarily dependent on hops. For example, beers such as stouts and India Pale Ales are much more dependent on hopped malt extracts. This rise in demand for hopped malt extract by small breweries is helping the hopped malt extract market and thus increase its sales. But in turn, it is leading to a hike in prices of hops used in the production of hopped malt extract. Thus hopped malt extract market will have to face high competition for the raw material-hops.

Global Hopped Malt Extract Market: Segmentation:

On the basis of end-user industry, the hopped malt extract market is segmented into- Brewing industry : Alcoholic, Non alcoholic; Baking industry, Confectionery, Animal feed, Pharmaceutical industry; On the basis of type, the hopped malt market is segmented into- Liquid, Solid; Powderd, Pellets; On the basis of source, hopped malt extract market can be segmented into- Wheat, Barley, Rice, Rye, Others including oats and cereal mixes; On the basis of nature, the coffee extract market is segmented into- Conventional, Organic

Global Hopped Malt Extract Market:

Examples of some of the market participants in the global hopped malt extract market are Mr. Malt, Muntons, Hambleton Bard, Coopers, Brew Demon and others.

Global Hopped Malt Extract: Key Developments

The malt extract market took a large leap in terms of quality when the brewery Mr. Beer was acquired by Coopers, a brewery and hopped malt extract producer of Australia in 2012. After this acquisition, Mr. Beer started manufacturing its home-brewing kits with hopped malt extracts that were provided by the Coopers. Thus it helped in the expansion of hopped malt extract in Australia.

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Opportunities for Hopped Malt Extract Market Participants:

The concern of raw material availability is a very important factor that can drive as well as restrain the growth of hopped malt extract market. Therefore, a growth in the production of malts such as wheat, barley, oat etc. can offer a great opportunity for the growth of hopped malt extract market globally. A better supply efficiency and introduction of malt varieties that are less perishable can be an additional driving factor for increased production in hopped malt extract market. Increased production of hops will also help hopped malt extract market overcome the shortage and hiked prices of hops in the market. Hopped malt extract market shows ample opportunities if big brewing industries tie up and collaborate with hopped malt extract manufacturers to bring new flavorful beverages in the market.

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