With increasing development of the healthcare infrastructure along with probable expenditure of nearly US$ 9.9Trillion in 2019, according to Future Market Insights, production of dental hygiene devices is likely to increase at an exponential rate. As per a latest published report by FMI (Future Market Insights), dental hygiene devices market is likely to grow at a moderate phase of nearly 4.7% in 2019 on a Y-O-Y basis. In addition, FMI also projects that dental hygiene devices market is estimated to surpass market valuation of approximately US$ 3.8Billion in 2019. According to WHO, dental caries are affected by nearly 80% of the adults and children, thereby significantly driving the need for dental hygiene devices.

US To Witness Emergence of New Dental Hygiene Devices Preserving Periosteum

North America is expected to expand at a sluggish rate of nearly 3.8% on a Y-O-Y basis in 2019. However, growing prevalence of the oral diseases and increasing number of skilled dental hygienists across the U.S. is likely to support growth of North America dental hygiene devices market. Recently, US has witnessed the emergence of all-new ultrasonic bone surgery dental hygiene devices, such as Piezotome Cube aiming at making tooth extraction more atraumatic. High-frequency ultrasonic vibration of the dental hygiene devices helps in eliminating need for cutting surgical flap in gingiva, thereby preserving the periosteum.

Potential Opportunities in APAC Spotted

Asia-Pacific is likely to take the lead in dental hygiene devices market in 2019 with India and China contributing on a major basis, with increasing number of cases regarding dental caries. In India, oral and dental health is often neglected by the people. However, with increasing awareness of cosmetic dental treatments and need for enhancing personal esthetics, positive impact is witnessed in the growth and development of APAC dental hygiene devices market. Growing adoption of fresh breath strips and electric toothbrushes further drives the region’s dental hygiene devices market.

Smart Tooth Brushes in the Making

Adoption of innovative dental hygiene devices such as battery and electric-powered tooth brushes especially by the middle and high income groups are expected to drive the dental hygiene devices market at a significant pace. Customized designs for the children and adults are increasingly made available in the global market, thereby driving sales of dental hygiene devices. Pairing toothbrushes with app and other latest technologies is the ongoing trend in the dental hygiene devices market. Brands such as Sonicare and Oral-B are drawing out all stops in the race for being the smartest and best in electric toothbrush sphere, which in turn dives-in possibilities of emergence of new and innovative dental hygiene devices. In addition to this, Colgate also has strived harder to stay in the race of smart toothbrush development with launch of E1 Smart Connect that connects the end-user’s iPhone through Bluetooth.

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