Expert Future Market Insights analysts examine the key drivers facilitating textile chemicals demand in Asia

Textile chemicals are recognized as specialty chemicals that find their application in various textile processing stages including dying, preparation, finishing, and printing. Textile chemicals are often used to enhance the properties of the fabric, in terms of color and functionalities. Moreover, the ever-growing textile and apparel industry in Asia is creating major demand for high-performance textile chemicals for their use in the textile processing.

Which type of textile chemical witnessing maximum demand?

The companies operating in the textile chemicals landscape offer two types of textile chemicals, textile auxiliaries, and textile colorants. Out of the two product types, the producers of textile chemicals have witnessed major demand for textile auxiliaries, owing to which there is a significant development made to leverage the profitability associated with this type of textile chemicals. For instance, Shree Pushkar Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd, has initiated the test-marketing auxiliary chemicals, backed by a vision of becoming a full-fledged textile provider. In line with this, the company introduced Dyecol for dyeing textiles to capture greater value.

How are the producers of textile chemicals expanding their market presence in Asian market and catering to changing consumer demands?

In the heart of capturing an extensive market presence, producers of textile chemicals are eyeing on implementing key strategies. Partnership strategy remains one of the most significant strategies for expanding distribution capabilities. A Japan-based company, Nicca Chemical Co. Ltd. entered into a long-term partnership agreement with Resins Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. with a collaborated aim of developing and marketing products. With this partnership, Nicca would be able to strengthen its textile chemicals sale in Southwest Asia, by leveraging the detailed technical expertise of Resil.

The manufacturers of textile chemicals witness a significant demand for functional finishes such as anti-bacterial finish, water repellent, and others. Companies are working towards developing new and improved products that meet these demand for the customers. There are several research and development activities conducted in line with these needs. For instance, a team of scientists in China claimed to develop a new anti-microbial finish for the cotton fabrics. The finish utilizes nanoscale polymer treatment that kills bacteria by using novel methods.

Q. Is sustainability shaping the Asian textile chemicals market?

A. The textile industry across the globe is majorly emphasizing on facilitating sustainability across the value chain. This, coupled with the demand for eco-friendly textile chemicals that minimize the consumption and water and energy during textile processing are expected to trigger innovations in the textile chemicals space.

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