WANdisco has launched its LiveData for Multicloud a technology which processes data on distributed terminals across multiple platforms on January 16 for general use. The technology is powered by a high performance and patented consensus technology called DConE.

As multicloud management is becoming the leading priority in IT world, the multi cloud management software has been expected to grow up to $4.4 billion by 2022. Many tech companies are taking the challenge head on to provide a management software which synchronizes with multiple cloud platforms in real time to leverage best features of each cloud solutions provider. Multicloud strategy which evolved as an answer to the risks involved in relying on single cloud platform and legacy data protection tools which includes data outage as well as natural disasters.  

For the multicloud strategy to work, there is a significant challenge of ensuring a consistent and live data lifecycle management. LiveData offers to resolve this issue by providing a resilient and consistent cloud environ by eliminating points of failure and latency. LiveData gives business the flexibility to choose particular features from a particular cloud to maximize overall performance.

WANdisco has witnessed a year of significant milestones from winning a blockchain patent for DConE technology to securing its first and largest cloud contract with US health insurer for $3 million. It also extended Hadoop services to multiple cloud environments by including value-added services like BigSQL, Hive, Knox and Rangers. It introduced blob storage as well as multi cloud object storage in its list of service offerings and secured a major original equipment manufacturer agreement with Alibaba Cloud. 

Its list of customers include big names like Daimler AG, Morgan Stanley and AMD who are already using WANdisco’s fusion enterprise software.

WANdisco says that the change data capture technology adopts a unidirectional data replicating approach while LiveData’s approach is rather bidirectional or multidirectional which allows continuous replication necessary for reading and writing multiple applications to the same data. The company’s CEO David Richards said that the company manages this at petabytes of scale by producing 4 petabytes of data per day.

WANdisco just recently in a team effort with IBM has announced the development of relational database technology for extending WANdisco Fusion also called IBM Big Replicate to customers in need of a hybrid cloud environment.

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