The United States and China are set to conduct a trade talk at the vice-ministerial level in Beijing, on both Monday and Tuesday, as both of the countries are under constant pressure to put a full stop to the trade war, that is coming with several repercussions for the top two economies in the world and is disturbing the global financial markets.

For around half of the last year, the trade war had some seriously adverse impact on the flow million-dollar worth of goods and has turned out to be a matter of serious concern for the entire global economy. Official data in this week conveyed that the rate of manufacturing activities across both the nations have been dwindling in terms of intensity and big companies, such as Cargill Inc and Apple Inc, confirmed that the trade battle have had some harsh impacts on earnings of both the countries 

As per sources, a team led by Jeffrey Gerrish, Deputy US Trade Representative, will be travelling to China for participating in “positive as well as constructive discussions” along with the counterparts in China.

As per a statement made by USTR on Friday, the delegation would also be including Under Secretaries from various US Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, Energy and Treasury, along with the senior delegates from the aforementioned agencies and the White House.

At a summit held in Argentina last year, Donald Trump, the US president, along with the Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, agreed on mutual terms to hold off on the additional tariffs for around 90 days while they made attempts to negotiate a deal.

Now, the countries witness a March deadline for the talks to bring an end to the trade war. Trump has confirmed in terms of optimistic talks that are going on, but it still remains unclear if Beijing would yield to the demand of U.S. for more open markets, compelled technology transfer, and industrial subsidies. Serving some of these demands would heighten the necessity of some solid structural reforms.

“We are well aware of what type of changes we require. Now, the question arises is that if we would be able to negotiate these changes and can achieve it via enforcement and timetables,”- Larry Kudlow, Economic Advisor, White House.

USTR mentioned in a statement that the delegation will be including Gregg Doud, the Chief Agricultural Negotiator of USDA, This talk has created multiple expectations in terms of positive results and will also bring some significant changes to the economical vigor of both the countries.

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