Logistical difficulties in long-distance transportation and global increase in the prices of fossil fuels are currently challenging the water hauling services market. Nevertheless, favorable government initiatives and the high dependence of the world on oil drilling activities are expected to remain key factors to boost the sustained growth of the market for the years to come.

Water hauling services find extensive applications in residential and commercial transportation of water or wastewater resources, such as filling swimming pools, disposing waste water from oil and gas sector construction projects, agriculture, and emergency water relief projects among others.

Water Hauling to Witness Burgeoning Demand across the Oilfield Sector

Most oil and gas drilling operations release huge amounts of liquid byproducts, and saline waste water that have to be extracted and disposed of efficiently for optimized operations in the field. For this purpose, water hauling services often involve the use of vacuum enabled tanker trucks to store and transport the waste water arising from oilfield sites to pre-approved and strictly regulated disposal sites.

Hydraulic fracturing processes in the natural gas and oil fields involves the use of water in the initial drilling procedure and the fracturing procedures as well, and this has rapidly boosted the scope of water hauling services in the oilfield industry.

Water hauling services in the oilfield industry are mixed with additives, which carry shale to the surface at high pressures for safe disposal. Water is also used widely to maintain the temperature and lubricate the drill bits at safe levels.

Widening Range of Applications Spur Growing Equipment Innovations

Growing use of water hauling services in oilfield drilling has pushed service providers to develop and equip their work force with essential technology. Vacuum pumps are some of the most commonly used equipment, which are increasingly being fitted with durable underpinning mechanisms to efficiently handle the unstable terrains that are common to oil patches.

This is essential as using over road water hauling vehicles at oilfield sites is potentially risky for the structure and integrity of the equipment and the vehicle, resulting in potentially prohibitive expenses for replacement or repairs. In addition, the high pressure applications of water in oil drilling, has also made it important for water hauling vessels to be equipped with heavy duty hoses, designed to handle water hauling.

Recreational Water-Based Activities Drive Growth

Water hauling services are finding increased application for residential recreational purposes such as the filling of swimming pools, and other artificial water bodies. This can be largely attributed to the globally rising standards of living, and interest in water sports.

The rapidly growing residential construction industry and public infrastructural projects are anticipated to create a sustained demand for water and wastewater transport, along with water storage and transport for fire and emergency response organizations, generating favorable conditions for the water hauling industry in the near future.

Strategic Acquisitions to Influence Competitive Developments in Market

Bison Oilfield Services announced the acquisition of S&S Star Water Solutions towards the end of 2018. With the completion of this acquisition, Bison Oilfield Services aims to become the largest and completely integrated water midstream business across Oklahoma, for water hauling, disposal gathering, and relevant infrastructure.

Hess Infrastructure Partners of Houston recently announced the acquisition of Bakken Water Services, which includes all of Bakken’s salt water disposal services, and water gathering vehicles and equipment, in addition to the right of first offer for further sales and purchases. Earlier this year, Hess Infrastructure Partners also acquired water gathering pipeline assets from Summit Midstream Partners, greatly boosting the company’s water hauling, gathering, and disposal business prospects for the years to come.

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