In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the adoption of video streaming. It is a one-way transmission of video content or file to a remote user through the internet. The compressed file transferred via data network can be displayed in real time by a viewer. Increase in adoption of mobile-connected devices especially smartphones has not only outdone conventional use of TV but also drive the market for video streaming. This is further improved by various digital media players such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and others. Additionally, live streaming is a form of video streaming which has been rapidly adopted by various social media.

Advantages of Video Streaming

Earlier, a video file needs to be completely downloaded on computer or related devices and play with a compatible video player. This long process has been revolutionized by video streaming. It allows the content to play almost immediately without downloading and the viewer can jump forward or backward through the video files. With just an internet services, you can watch any videos provided by streaming services wherever, whenever, and as often as you want.

Advantages of video streaming meet the rising need for live streaming and original content. The video streaming technology is hard to download and copy which prevents the users to save in their devices and content to be pirated. Live streaming is gaining high popularity due to its spontaneous and unedited nature. Many brand advertisers are inclining towards live streaming whenever a new product is launched to interact and get instant feedback from their customers in real time. It also provides wider audience potential as live streaming is not restricted by geographical and size constraints.

Video streaming provides more security for content publishing and uses specific bandwidths. For brands, there are many advantages of video streaming their events online. The live streaming is not only easy and convenient but also enables online audience participation. On the other hand, video on demand has become a better option than traditional TV viewing. It offers the viewer a wide variety of shows including movies, news, sports, old or new TV series, content from different decade or countries, and many more. Video streaming has dominated the internet traffic by 75% and is expected to reach up to 82% by 2020. It has also benefited several sectors including media & entertainment, education, and others.

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