Whole genome amplification is increasingly used for drug discoveries and developments. The process of whole genome amplification multiplies the sample of DNA by forming its copies. It is carried out by either using single cell kits or by reamplifying DNA with the help of previously amplified DNAs. It has been an extremely efficient method of preserving the sample of some unique DNAs or precious stock. Earlier whole genome amplification was extensively used for detecting genetic disorders or abnormalities. However, the advancements in technology have highlighted the role of whole genome amplification for drug discovery and development.

Need of Whole Genome Amplification for Drug Discovery and Development

The healthcare industry has proliferated to a new level, and a major credit of its growth goes to the government of different regions. The countries have witnessed surging investments that are taking place in the healthcare industry. This has encouraged many new and innovative researches which can further maximize growth. The researchers have also been vigorously involved in drug invention and development activities that are capable of treating some chronic new diseases. A major contributor to the process of drug discovery and development can be a whole genome amplification system. Research and examination is expected to carry out efficiently with whole genome amplification for drug discovery and development.

Advancements in technology are also responsible for shaping the whole genome amplification for drug discovery and development. Single cell WGA kits have marked a new dimension of understanding genetic diversities. It helps in identifying in and out of genes by combining it into a single cell. The single cell WGA kit also gives a high resolution of the genomic sample which is extremely beneficial for researchers and scientists who are conducting a particular study.

Whole Genome Amplification for Drug Discovery and Development: Introduction of New Market Players

Looking at the present advances in whole genome amplification for drug discovery and development, many manufacturers are focusing on the method to come up with better quality and new drugs. There are currently many existing market players in whole genome amplification market. However, the rise in demand has encouraged many new players to enter the market too and utilize the rising opportunities. Whole genome amplification for drug discovery and development has helped these companies come up with their own specializations and product offerings. They have divided their focus towards certain departments that may show better growth prospects. The market players are also utilizing other options in whole genome amplification market such as single cell WGA kit, WGA & chip DNA kit etc.

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