Zeolites are also known as molecular sieves as they form a tetragonal framework with cavities wherein cations or smaller molecules may reside. They were originally designed as a phosphate substitute for ecological reasons but led to further research of zeolites as a builder for detergents. Zeolite A is considered to be a good carrier of surfactants and builder for compact and super-compact detergents. Different grades of zeolites are responsible for meeting higher standards of performance of surfactants and other detergent additives. All zeolites for detergents such as Zeolite A, Zeolite X, and Zeolite P are characterized by high aluminum content but have significantly different crystalline structures.

Zeolites as Detergent Builders

The main composition of modern detergents include surfactants, water softeners (detergent builders), bleaching agents, and other additive enzymes. Zeolites act as a builder for detergents that not only perform significant functions in the production process but also help in inhibition of greying and removal of dirt. Zeolites aid in building the structure of washing powder and serve as a carrier for liquid components in spray-dried as well as non-tower process of detergents. Over the years, they have successfully replaced the first detergent builders which contained sodium carbonate and sodium silicate.

Zeolites in Laundering Process

Owing to its specific optimized particle shape and size, zeolite does not lead to excessive encrustation of fibers. Low dosage of zeolite-based detergent builders with elevated water hardness cause less textile encrustation and deposits on washing machine and thereby used in development of compact detergents. These zeolites for detergents have high water softening capacity, high degree of flexibility in terms of formulation, and perform exceptionally even under a wide range of conditions. Main function of the zeolites for detergents is to soften the water which has proven effects in the laundering process. New zeolites are superior to conventional Zeolite A as they show rapid ion exchange even at low temperature washing or laundering process.

Zeolites in Production of Detergents

The application of zeolites in detergent production has numerous advantages over other detergent builders. They have enhanced product stability, are inert when exposed to high temperature or alkalinity. Zeolites are flexible material for production of detergent as they are not associated with chemical conversion or partial decomposition during the production process. High absorptive capacity of zeolites for liquid components like surfactants make them an ideal ingredient for the development of surfactant-rich compact detergents.

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