Increasing affordability and cost-effectiveness of rotomolded containers is driving customer attention and sales compared to blow molded containers. Rapidly increasing demand for safe and sturdy containers, rotational molding processes are adopted as it utilizes heat instead of pressure. Rising availability of customized rotomolded containers along with integration of aesthetic skills and most of all, the wide-ranging options for including company’s logo on surface of the rotomolded containers without risks regarding branding peeling off, further drives the product adoption. Innovative technologies such as 3D printing is anticipated to rapidly penetrate for manufacturing purposes of the complex parts.

North America-based Tank Holding Corp. recently announced that it has plans to expand its production capacity of water tank by acquiring water tank product line of Bushman USA. The acquired company is prominently a rotomolded containers company that delivers rainwater harvesting solution beneficial for the municipal, commercial and residential applications.

The strong brand equity as well as unique product designs of Bushman USA for the rotational containers, displays attractive product line addition for Tank Holding’s broad product portfolio. This in turn also helps the acquiring company in creating an exclusively new platform within rapidly increasing rainwater harvesting industry. Furthermore, the company is planning to promote the new market platform by means of their existing distribution channel and manufacturing footprint in North America. With this strategic acquisition of the rotomolded containers company, the acquiring company is planning to cater to its strategic targets, which in turn would support the overall growth plan of the company.

Facility Expansion to Increase Rotomolded Containers Production

U.S.-based Meese Inc. recently opened up its fifth rotational molding facility in Jacksonville, Florida, which in turn is expected to drive the production sales of rotomolded containers. The company is planning to add two more Rotomolding machines in its product portfolio, in order to cater to the rapidly increasing demand of its customer-base. Addition of Jacksonville plant helps Meese Inc. in significantly decreasing the shipping costs for its Southeast customers, thereby staying effectively connected to its customers, across the U.S.

Customizable Rotomolded Containers for Efficient Material Handling

U.S.-based Chemical manufacturing company, Elkhart Plastics Incorporated recently announced regarding its plan to introduce an all-new reusable and durable plastic pallet, benefitting in material handling across industries such as chemicals, food processing, manufacturing, printing and pharmaceuticals. The new plastic pallets are designed with Rotomolding technique, benefitting the double-wall plastic pallets with longer life expectancy as well as lower costs compared to the conventional wood pallet users.

The rotomolded containers are offered to the customers with customizing availability with regards to designs, from the enhanced usage in food-safe resins as well as recycled contents to inclusions of raised and flat top along with various colours. The all-new rotomolded containers are widely available for both high-volume and low-volume production purposes. Above all, the rotomolded containers can be reused, washed, racked, and stacked, given the integration of polyethylene material, which makes the product to hold a life expectancy of over a decade.

South Carolina-based rotational molder company, DPI (Diversified Plastics Inc.) lately announced regarding acquisition of Georgia-based Atlanta Rotomolding Inc., The strategic acquisition is expected to benefit the rotomolded containers company in expanding its customized rotational molding services. In addition, the acquisition is expected to help DPI in increasing its manufacturing of the Rotomolded containers and related products for other companies more efficiently as well as would enable in offering better services. DPI is planning to utilize the new Union Point facility for production and manufacturing of rotomolded containers and other rotomolded products, thereby elevating its position in the overall rotomolded containers market.

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