Manufacturing execution systems are used to enhance the precision and efficiency of the manufacturing process. It efficiently manages the work on the factory floor by enabling faster transfer of information. A distinct manufacturing execution system (MES) market exists from a global perspective. The manufacturing execution systems find several applications in various end use industries such as the process and discrete manufacturing industries. The global manufacturing execution system (MES) market is anticipated to witness a promising growth during the forecast period as it facilitates a splendid enhancement in productivity.

Need for Robust Manufacturing System to Augment Growth

There is a rising need for process automation in industries in light of the current economic development. Manufacturers are not only emphasizing on increasing their productivity but on improving the quality of production. Achieving this is not possible without the adoption of a robust manufacturing system. These factors have impacted the global manufacturing execution system (MES) market favorably leading to its increment. MES software enables the manufacturers to analyze, schedule, and track the work or operations in effectively.

Furthermore, paperless transactions have gained traction as they simplify the management of work. This is one of the prominent factors driving the growth of the global manufacturing execution system (MES) market. In addition, the compliance and regulatory polices laid down for the pharmaceuticals and food and beverages industry crop the need for automation and optimization of production. This has resulted in extensive adoption of MES, thereby propelling the manufacturing execution system (MES) market.

However, factors such as complex installation procedure of these systems and high capital investment may cause a shortfall in the global manufacturing execution market. Nonetheless, high deployment of cloud-based MES solutions and integration of manufacturing execution systems with ERP may fortify the market’s growth.

On the regional front, the global manufacturing execution system (MES) market in Asia Pacific is expected to register the fastest growth during the forecast period. This is on account of a rise in manufacturing activities and favorable government policies. North America is anticipated to hold a promising share in the market due to a quick adoption of technologies increasing the operational efficiency.

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