Military infrastructure and logistics services are the two vital factors for the efficient functioning of the armed forces. They ensure timely supply of essential goods and services to the armed force. Together, they both act as pillar to the military service of any country. Government across the globe in the investing heavily to develop their infrastructure and logistics. This is expected to offer a substantial boost to the military infrastructure and logistics market. This is one factor influencing the growth of the market, likewise there are several other factors which are expected to drive the global military infrastructure and logistics market in the near future. We have mentioned a few of them below, have a look-

  1. Countries like China, Russia, USA and India have increased budget allocation for the military development in their respective region. This is a positive sign for the growth of the military infrastructure and logistics market.
  • Army forces are focusing on adoption of advanced technologies to smoothen communication in their military based. For instance- the US Army’s has adopted I3MP communication system in the army this supports procurement, implementation, and management of the army’s base level communication architecture.
  • A surge in network-centric warfare (NCW)-based communication infrastructure in expected to boost the military infrastructure in the coming years. These advanced infrastructures enable the military to gain a competitive advantage by establishing effective networking, and dissemination of information. 
  • Apart from developed countries, several developing countries are taking substantial efforts to enhance their military infrastructure and logistics market. For instance- Indian military force collaborated with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and launched a multi-media communication satellite. These initiatives are expected to will enhance the network-centric warfare (NCW) infrastructure of the army.

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