Pallet trucks are heavy material handling equipment designed to lift and move pallets over a distance. They are effective in handling various heavy goods and are used in several commercial sectors such as food & beverage, retail stores, wholesale distribution, manufacturing plants, freight & logistics, warehouse facilities, and others. There are different types of pallet trucks for different application and are operated either manually or electronically. In the recent times, there are has been a rise in the use of powered or electric pallet trucks. They are not only good at eliminating all the manual effort but also are environment friendly. Electric or powered pallet trucks scored over manual ones and are comparatively sophisticated. They save a lot of time to travel the distance in bigger warehouses and are user-friendly.

Electric pallet trucks are suitable for every light and intensive operation and require low maintenance costs. The electrically driven pallet trucks use rechargeable industrial batteries or power supplied through specialized rails. They have two power-operated horizontal forks that can be raised and lowered for loading, transporting, and unloading goods stacked on pallets. Some electric pallet trucks also contain a platform on which the operator can stand while transporting the pallets. Electric pallet trucks deliver energy efficient performance, more comfort to the operator, and allow movement with relative ease. These pallet trucks are classified as pedestrian and needs no license to be operated which further allows operation to maximize productivity with minimal or negligible human effort. Since electric pallet trucks are driven by battery, they have little to no zero emissions. They are considered to be environment friendly as many key manufacturers like Toyota have substantially reduced the use of raw materials that are harmful to the environment and increased the amount of recyclable parts in the manufacturing of electric pallet trucks. Therefore, high demand for energy efficient, low emission, and environmentally friendly models will impact the growth of electric pallet truck market.

Key Advantages of Electric Pallet Trucks over Other Types of Pallet Trucks

Electric pallet trucks comparatively have efficient engines, zero emissions, low noise level, and are advantageous to both environment and range of applications. Due to lack of pollutants, electric pallet trucks are ideal for retail and food applications as well as for confined areas such as shops and supermarkets. As compared to manual pallet truck, electric ones saves more time, reduce strain on the operator, and allow the movement at quicker pace. Electric pallet trucks overcome the needs for manual pushing and pulling of heavy loads which not only cause strain related injuries but also lose the productivity hours.

Electric pallet trucks meet the smoothness requirements for transporting heavily stacked goods and hence ideal for dealing with tall orders and heavy shipments. They have higher capacity, electric motors to lift the forks and move the steering wheels according to the operators’ needs. As business are expected to increase productivity and expand operation, electric pallet trucks is likely to witness a wide adoption in manufacturing plants, operations, and logistics.

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