A major cause of death of nearly 1.6 million individuals each year, about half of the number consisting of children under the age of five, pneumococcal diseases are moving in the direction of widespread. Caused by an infection known as Streptococcus pneumonia bacterium these fatal diseases are a growing concern for health in developing countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that these diseases could be a major cause of increased the mortality rate in the developing regions. With pneumococcal diseases such as pneumonia, bacterial meningitis, and blood infection becoming more common, there is an alarming scenario indicating the need for quick actions to be taking to ensure the effective immunization which in turn demands larger vaccines distribution. Pneumococcal vaccines being the only procurable solution for preventing pneumococcal diseases, there is a dramatic requirement for these in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

With the rising mortality rates, the requirements for disease-preventing vaccines is witnessing a competent upsurge. Widespread use of the pneumococcal vaccines in disease immunization is fueling the growth of pneumococcal vaccines market. This is resulting in new opportunities for pneumococcal vaccines distribution channels working towards making these vaccines available for healthcare centers and hospitals providing vaccinations for children and adults.

Pneumococcal vaccines distribution on an upward surge to match requirements

With the increasing significance of preventive care, the need for more supplies of pneumococcal vaccines in local pharmacies and healthcare centers is witnessing prevailing importance. Where some pharmacies are seen keeping excess stock of these vaccines, many healthcare centers are providing vaccines with the help of immunization programs taking place in localities. Growing supply of these pneumococcal vaccines is helping to cope up with the conventional scenarios of drug shortage by multiplying vaccines distribution, further ensuring disease prevention to rise.

Key players are finding the need to leverage the power of vaccines distribution channels to cope with growing demands

Leading pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer are coming forward to support pneumococcal disease prevention for which various actions are being taken by them. With the sales topped by Pfizer’s vaccine for prevention against pneumococcal infections, being up at $1.25 billion, pneumococcal vaccines market is growing with an unrivaled speed. These manufacturers are making use of extensive vaccines distribution channels such as pharmacies, community clinical centers, healthcare units, public agencies for healthcare, and others to ensure that these vaccines could reach a number of people.

An effort to meet supplies with the growing demands

The increasing demands for pneumococcal vaccines are giving rise to the extending more possibilities towards making these vaccines available for the public. Key players are extending hands to ensure that they could largely contribute towards disease immunization programs being held across the countries. With a workable and streamlined approach, manufacturers are promoting development activities for new and improved multivalent pneumococcal vaccines to be brought in use. Market players like Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline are seen working in partnership with Gavi vaccine alliance for pneumococcal vaccines distribution to countries affiliated with Gavi. With the help of such a synergy, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers are marking their active presence in the market. These actions are enabling a better synchronization between the demand and the respective pneumococcal vaccines distribution. Pneumococcal vaccines distribution channels, therefore play an important role in efficient immunization.

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