Although retread tires provide several advantage regarding the cost of production, least utilization of natural resources, etc. the industry has been affected by low-cost tires from China. However, the quality of these tires are far inferior to the America-made retread tires. With the increase adoption of retreads, tire itself has become a commodity for the business. Many retreaders in the U.S. are also focusing on enhancing the service capabilities to score major win against the low-cost tires. Retread tires also have better impact on environment than the imported tires.

Top Retread Tire Providers in the US

Due to the emergence of low-cost tires, certain retread tire manufactures had reduced production totals which took away the No.1 spot of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. in the retreader rankings by Modern Tire Dealer which began in 1988. Southern Tire Mart LLC acquired the No.1 spot owing to an increase of about 6% in retread tire volumes while Goodyear reduced by 8% and dropped to 2nd rank. Opening of new three retread plants has raised Pomp’s Tire Service Inc to No. 4 spot in 2018 from being on No.7 last year. On the other hand, Tredroc Tire Services LLC entered the Top 10 for the first time by landing on No. 10 spot. It has six new Bandag-system retread plants. Although there are significant advancement and developments, several retread plants have closed down this year.

America-made Retread Tires vs. Low-cost Imported Tires

Imported tires have been successful to appeal budget-conscious buyers in many regions of the world but they end up causing devastated safety consequences compromising on its longevity. In comparison to retread tires, imported tires couldn’t excel in all-weather tests. The capabilities and performance of imported tires are found to be as low as their price. The retread tires, however, manufactured in the U.S. are proven to be better than the ones manufactured in overseas. The level of manufacturing retread tires in the U.S. is notably high that governments, federal agencies, and 80% of aircraft rely on retread tires.

Owing to these advantages, the importance of retread tires remain significant in the U.S. This industry supports full-time jobs, enhance the production of remanufactured goods every year, and even contribute to the national economy. Environment friendliness is another major property that encourages both manufacturers and buyers to adopt these retread tires over the imported ones. Retread tires also save millions gallons of oil for the nation as it requires lesser amount than manufacturing a brand new tire.

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