Returnable plastic crates are used for storing and transporting various goods from place to another. Using these crates for harvest, packing, transport, and storage of fresh produce has shown reduce damage and postharvest losses. Apart from agricultural products, returnable plastic crates have applications on several other industries as well. They not only reduce damage but also allow the goods to withstand transport over uneven road conditions and are reusable many times. Returnable plastics are also made from recyclable plastics and cause less or no harm to the environment. They were designed to be durable containers and thereby good for handling agri-food products, fresh horticulture products, and others.

Various Application of Returnable Plastic Crates

Returnable plastic crates are applicable for various industries such as agriculture, food, fruits and vegetables, groceries in supermarket chains, automotive, building construction, clothing, electronics, household goods, dairy, bakery, fishes, packaging, pharmaceuticals, logistics, rubber, and white goods.

Returnable Plastic Crates for Fruits and Vegetables Industry

Million metric tons of fresh fruits and vegetable get transported every day to all the links of distribution chain. Returnable plastic crates is one of the most efficient methods for such transportation and typically travel through at least three segments of fruits and vegetable industry. They are better alternatives to cardboard and wooden crates. Owing to their smooth surface, returnable plastic crates are easy to handle unlike wooden crates which have nails and splinters. As these crates are vented and water resistant, products in it live longer and enhance fresh delivery in the market.

Returnable Plastic Crates for Agricultural Sector

There has been an increasing acceptance of plastic crates in agricultural sector. They are strong, can handle heavy loads of plants and dirt, and can be stored in open areas. As returnable plastic crates can withstand moisture and different temperatures, they are good for nurseries and hence achieve remarkable saving of space and shipping costs. Additionally, they are resistant to bacteria and fungi which are seen growing on wooden crates and cardboard.

Returnable Plastic Crates for Dairy Industry

Stackable plastic crates are commonly used in dairy industry. They can be used from the beginning to the last stage of material handling process. In the dairy industry, returnable plastic crates can handle high-pressure washing, sterilization, and significant changes in temperature from warehouse to refrigeration. They are majorly used for the storage of bottles, prevent any damage to the contents during transit, and ensure easy loading and storage.

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