With the rise in acceptance of bulk bags globally, there is an evident growth in the application areas as well as the types available in the bulk bags market. Recyclability improves the scope of growth for bulk bags in different sectors that are looking for eco-friendly options for transporting and packaging products. Food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies rely on the bulk bags market for efficient and proper storage and transportation of products. The bulk bags market has shown many signs of progress in the types of bags offered. The variety of bulk bags depends on size, capacity, material, end use etc. The major driver in the growth of the bulk bags market is a reduction in the cost of transportation, as bulk bags provide compressed and safe packaging and transportation of products. The huge savings that manufacturers can achieve using bulk bags is the result of no requirement of secondary packaging.

Another major driver of the bulk bags market is the availability of specialty bags in the global market. The bulk bags market is popular because it provides eco-friendly and cost-effective packaging. However, sometimes companies require special packaging to meet the requirements of their customers. These demands have been fulfilled by introducing specialty bags in the global market. There are many specialty bags trending today, such as vented bulk bags, bulk bags with net baffles, and bulk bags with sift resistant seams.

Different Types of Specialty Bags Used in the Bulk Bags Market

Vented bulk bags: These bags are available in the bulk bags market for users who need to store their products in a moisture free environment. These bags are perfectly vented to provide free flow of air. Mostly these bags are used for products like firewood that require a dry state, and also many agricultural products.

Bulk bags with sift resistant seams: These bags include the insertion of a spongy yarn for sifting proof seams. This helps store powder material products such as milk powder, resins, etc. These bags provide a safe leakage proof covering that also maintains the quality of the products.

Bulk bags with net baffles: These bags have additional fabric panels on the sides of the bag. This helps in stacking up the bags easily and also provides additional support. The fabric support provided at the corners of the bag enables filling up of the contents in all the corners as well, thereby providing more space for storage. Such bags are mostly used for storing food products like barley, corn etc.

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