With the growing incidence of prostate cancer and tumor have increased demand for ureteral stent. Moreover, scarring on the wall of ureter, narrowing of ureter, and to remove stones from the kidney through surgeries has also boosted growth in the global ureteral stents market. Ureteral stents are used during urological surgeries to allow easy drainage of urine. It is also used in cases where ureter is scratched which might be an effect of ureteroscopy.

Additionally, increasing need for a kidney transplant has resulted in high demand for ureteral stents. These stents are placed in the patient’s body until the body adapts with the replaced kidney. Pertaining to these incidences the demand in the global ureteral stent market has increased at a significant rate in the last couple of years. But there might be few complications related to the use of ureteral stents resulting in infection, dislocation, and blockage. A patient can feel the urgency or high frequency to urinate and find blood in urine.  There are also chances that a patient can feel pain in the kidney. These factors encouraged researchers to carry further research and development activities to develop a better alternative to ureteral stent which might hamper growth in the global ureteral stent market.

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Increasing Incidence of Urological Surgeries to Strengthen North America Ureteral Stents Market

The demand for ureteral stents is high in developed regions in North America and Europe. Rising prevalence of kidney stones and the growing number of urological surgeries has posed North America to lead the global ureteral stents market. According to a study, in the United States, kidney stones affect 1 out of 11 people. And it has been estimated that approximately 600,000 Americans are suffering from urinary stones each year. Adding further, Asia Pacific is also expected to contribute to the growth of the global ureteral stents market due to the increasing number of diabetes patients and obesity that are susceptible to kidney disorders. As per the data released in 2005 in Current Science journal, stated that there are about 12% people suffering from urinary stones in India and 50% of these might lose their kidney functions. Thus, these growing numbers for urinary stones are likely to expand demand in the global ureteral stents market.

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