Viscosupplementation is a methodology for osteoarthritis (OA) patients for the knee. In this process, a gel-like liquid named hyaluronic acid is infused into the knee joint. It goes about as grease to make possible bones to be in motion easily over one another and as a safeguard for joint loads. The viability of viscosupplementation in addressing arthritis isn’t clear. It has been recommended that viscosupplementation is best if the joint pain is in its beginning periods. Long term impacts in viscosupplementation and research carry on.

Factors Determining the Viscosupplementation Market

  • Initiation of Novel Products and Rise in various Distribution Agreements are Amid the Key Trends

Major market players, for example, Zimmer Biomet, Seikagaku Corporation, Bioventus LLC, and Anika Therapeutics, are concentrating on the extension of their product portfolio by distribution agreements and the presentation of the new items. For instance, during March 2019, Seikagaku propelled HyLink, for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, an intra-articular single-infusion viscosupplement in Italy. During February 2018, Bioventus LLC went into an expansion of its agreement with Seikagaku Corporation to proceed with the marketing and distribution of SUPARTZ FX in the U.S.

  • Increasing Osteoarthritis Patient Pool Suffering will Generate Sturdy Requirement for Viscosupplementation Products

During 2018, osteoarthritis influenced in excess of 30 million U.S. adults, as indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and it has likewise been assessed that 70 million individuals are probably going to experience the ill effects of osteoarthritis by 2040. Increment in the populace experiencing osteoarthritis is making a huge requirement for pain management and osteoarthritis treatment products, which is likely to result in the strong development of the market.

  • Presentation of Combination Products is Prompting the Expansion of the Viscosupplementation Market

Makers are always improving their pipeline capacities and upgrading their entrenched existence in the market for intra-articular hyaluronic acid infusion with the presentation of novel combination hyaluronic acid products. Because of the remarkable physiochemical attributes of hyaluronic acid, it tends to be effectively joined with different pharmaceuticals, for example, corticosteroids. During 2016, Anika Therapeutics propelled the ‘Cingal’ blend of hyaluronic corrosive items in Canada. The company is as of late concentrating on getting approval in the U.S. market for Cingal.

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Market Structure Analysis of Viscosupplementation

  • The worldwide market for viscosupplementation is fragmented inferable from the existence of various huge market players and provincial players.
  • Majority of the top players keep up a key spotlight on the advancement of distribution agreement and partnerships for worldwide market extension
  • Manufacturers are centering to getting FDA approvals for a blend of hyaluronic acid infusion and viscosupplementation for different joints aside from knee joints in the U.S. market, since no viscosupplementation products are endorsed for different joints osteoarthritis treatment aside from knees in the U.S.

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