Growing efforts made by NGOs and the government to bring awareness to light concerning viral hepatitis and HIV infections have attempted to the benefit of the market for HIV/HBV/HCV test kits. While new testing advancements and awareness campaigns have expanded the take-up of HIV/HBV/HCV test kits amid the patients, makers are focused on innovative combination products that could distinguish hepatitis B & C together and HIV.

The high predominance of viral hepatitis infections and HIV, particularly in middle – and low-income nations, has been fundamentally adding to the market development of the HIV/HBV/HCV test kits. Future improvements of the market are probably going to go close by with a worldwide duty to stop new infections and guarantee that current patients have access to propelled treatment.

The growing occurrence of hepatitis and HIV is likely to support the market development of HIV/HBV/HCV test kits around the globe. HIV is one of the foremost public health problems universally. During 2017, an expected 36.9 Million individuals were living with HIV, of which 1.8 Million were observed to be kids. The hepatitis B contamination influenced the vast majority of the Western Pacific and African regions. The pervasiveness of hepatitis C was observed to be foremost in the European and eastern Mediterranean regions. Untreated hepatitis C and hepatitis B diseases can prompt genuine difficulties of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, which records for 720,000 and 470,000 yearly deaths respectively. This aspect is boosting the patient pool and expanding the market development of HIV/HBV/HCV test kits.

A national correspondence campaign “HIV Treatment Works” urges HIV patients to get and stay in care, begin HIV medications, and pursue treatment. This has added to the market development of the HIV/HBV/HCV test kits worldwide. The media group of American Institutes for Research intently works with CDC and gives almost every foremost improvement in regards to tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS, STD to the populace. The “We Can Stop HIV One Conversation at a Time” movement urges patients to speak autonomously regarding HIV. The movement “Start Talking. Stop HIV”, brings issues to boost awareness amid gay and bisexual men. The patient organizations, governments, and the overall population brought awareness to light in regards to hepatitis and gave knowledge regarding access to testing, disease prevention, care, and treatment on “World Hepatitis Day”. These movements have to a great extent added to the market development of the HIV/HBV/HCV test kits.

Market Structure Analysis

  • The worldwide market is fairly consolidated because of the existence of foremost players
  • Majority of companies in the market are emphasizing on developing and identifying promising potential products and technologies from external and internal sources to come across the unmet requirements of patients
  • The companies are concentrating on partnerships to realize the prospective of personalized healthcare and to improve their pipeline in topmost ailment areas

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